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1299 Db Measuring

Discussion in 'Panigale' started by Serkta, Jan 22, 2024.

  1. Hi, what is the best way to measure the DB's that my bike puts out. Is it best to just go to a track and get it measured or are any app's or any of the devices a plenty on Amazon, are they accurate?

    Many thanks
  2. I've found apps to be rubbish.
    It will be loud!
    What exhaust, I had an underseat Termi D170 system, it was 108 no baffles, 103 with, at 5k rpm.
    If it's completely standard, I believe you're allowed on at some tracks even if it fails noise testing. Tracks will test you for nothing if there's a TD on.
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  3. Thank you for the response. Problem is that I am not near a track and I wouldn't want to go only to be turned away. I have Termi end cans that replaced the standard with no baffles. Do tracks DB's vary much?
  4. I imagine dB measuring equipment is calibrated and so I imagine a phone app can only give an approximation.

    you can find dB meters online. I’ve not checked prices but I imagine they vary wildly. Read the reviews. I’d check the stated accuracy and add that to whatever you measure plus a bit for optimistic marketing.

    if you go that route, you might find this useful. https://help.trackdays.co.uk/hc/en-...How-does-static-noise-testing-for-bikes-work-
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  5. I'm lucky and near Cadwell so 105 static with no drive-by, Donington have noisy days 108db, and un-silenced days, like the Ducati track days, otherwise I never risked it, as they have a drive by I think. Other tracks you may struggle, most 102db static I think, plus drive-by at some. It's amazing how different bikes can be, I had a full Akra system on KTM SDR1290 and that was 102 no baffles.
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  6. My 1299 was measured static at 116dB with baffles fitted if that helps..
    drive by seems to be ok, but they ( 1199/1299) struggle to pass static testing in my experience.

    I even have the termi under seat system and extended SPF cans and its toss up if it will pass on the day..
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  7. I've been allowed on with stock cans for Brands GP, Snetterton and some club events all with a 102 static test. I've been told I'm on the limit, but allowed on. I use the trick (if it actually works) that I saw on here of using wet mode, clutch in and lean the bike over so the exhaust exit is tilted away from the ground. They measure at a 45 degree angle at I think a 1m distance from exhaust exit. The biggest variance I seem to get is what rpm I'm told to hold at. At Snett I had 5k the first day then 5.5k the next day, makes a big difference
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  8. I've had similar with RPM, this is what they should test

    Noise test.jpg
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  9. IME, some of the variability is down to who does the testing. There used to be a chap at Castle Combe who was notorious for being an intransigent git who tested ‘his way’ which followed no official or comparative guidelines whatsoever. Brands has been forced to use more stringent restrictions due to the continued building of domestic residences around the circuit and as for Silverstone, domestic residences and commercial development has gone absolutely crazy with the inevitable NIMBYs pressurising the local councils. The restrictions at Donington are the ones that gets my hackles rising, in the flightpath of East Midlands airport ffs. Andy
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  10. First, you need a standardized measure.
    Start with J2825.
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  11. The local track hereabouts is Oulton. Occasionally I'm driving in that area and the engine roar drowns out the car stereo a long way from the track!
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  12. I bought myself a draper noise tester, wasn't expensive and is pretty accurate i.e I tested in my garden and when tested at Silverstone and Donny (I requested a test to see how good it compared it came within .2 - .3 (from what I can remember) of what the circuit guys measured.. so unless you're right on the limit it should give you a answer as to whether you'd pass
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