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1200 De Cat & Exhaust Valve

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Bigjimknickers, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Looking at getting a de cat pipe if I buy the 2010 1200s
    Does this do away with that problematic exhaust valve?
    Is the correct way to disconnect the cable then leave it be, or will that chuck up an error?
    I thought I’d read someone plugged in a device to the servo yet it had no fault anyway?
    Thanks, I have been searching & reading up on it.
  2. The decat pipe will do away with the valve yes, but then you put a spring or split pin over the end of cable, or buy an eliminator plug-in.
    There are detailed threads on here, one by @bradders I think.
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  3. Look like I’ll be the Guinea pig for the de cat dominator! I like there prices, let’s hope it’s decent.
  4. So, if it’s simply disconnected it chucks up a code?
  5. Yep. Disconnect and add the spring on the cable to fool it in to thinking it is operating.
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  6. Gonna be VERY LOUD!
  7. Loud is good! Makes me laugh every time I ride mine. Just what a Ducati should sound like.
  8. Even with both de cat & pipe?
  9. Should be ok with the silencer.
    If you just got the decat and used the std silencer then it would be VERY LOUD, as the std silencer, isn't a silencer, just straight through.
    The silencing is done in the std cat.
    Using their decat and silencer should be ok.
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  10. Probably be OK if its a good, long, well packed silencer. Otherwise people will think a Harley is coming up the road ;)
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  11. So the correct way to do it would be silencer first, then de cat.
    Or buy both at the same time.
    (& buy her flowers!!)
  12. If you have to buy her flowers when you buy something, buy both together and save some flower money.
  13. Just a reminder to re-balance the AFR following a de-cat.
    In the absence of a tune, a loss of power will occur, sometimes significantly.
    In fact, the most gains are the results of tuning the fuel to unlock the hand-cuff of emission requirements.
  14. ok thanks is that AFR something that needs to be done at a dealer?
  15. Mine ran fine when I swapped mine over WO any trip to the dealer. I put on a full Termignoni system and used the spring on the wire until I could be bothered to get the Upman flashed.
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  16. Imho can then bypass if you can’t get both together.

    done this on many modern bikes and never needed a remap. Sure a remap may give better performance but ime (of a handful not hundreds) it wasn’t needed
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  17. The best option is a Dyno tuning specialist. That may be your dealer if he's equipped with Dyno and a tuning specialist on staff.
    A Rexxer flash or a Rapibike unit will yield great results on it's own but the latter is best when tuned.
    I would never de-restrict an exhaust or airflow without it. You're just cheating yourself.
    You may think the bike is running well but the noise is a placebo.
    The main performance upgrade is fueling. Then, the pipe will add some real performance value.
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