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  1. Been with Ducati Insurance for 3 years now and always had a deal that i was very happy with and promoted them on here in a few threads.

    Last year for my 848 and 748 both with £450 excess fully comp £287

    New quote, 848 excess £750
    748 excess £600
    Fully comp £340
    Was with Equity red star now Ramasis ltd

    Spoke to the nice ladies in the Ducati insurance office and thats the best they can do ,unless i can find it cheaper then they will put it to Ramasis to see if they can match it, but if i can then i will not bother going to Ducati.
    I can understand if it stayed the same excess and £287 again but that much change is not acceptable.

    Don't know if anyone from Ducati insurance look in this section of the forum but if you do please send me a pm to see if you can do better,

  2. That's crap mate. :( Poor service.
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  3. I pay £115 fully comp with a £50 excess (with Peter James) - agreed value £6500 (well out of date if Ebay has anything to do with it) for the 350LC Hybrid.

    Must up it's agreed value now Rob thinks he's gonna inherit it.....
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  4. Ive just sent Ducati insurance a pm which i have done before so fingers crossed they get back.
    Yes i think so, the 748 will hold its price and the 848 another year older.
  5. sounds a bit crap... Im with Ducati insurance and have been very happy to date, they have been competitive and great to deal with.
    shame if they have changed their ways... I liked em most because they knew of my bike models and when I listed mods they understood 90% of em unlike everyone else.
  6. Ramasis is the overarching broker that trades under a number of banners, Ducati Insurance being one of them and to my knowledge, they are not underwriters. I’ve just had my car insurance renewal through and after another year of claim free motoring and still driving the same car that is now a year older and worth less, it’s gone up by nearly 15%. This and some larger increases appears to be general across the board. No idea why. Andy
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  7. I've told you Ron. It's worth £1,000. I have the cash here for you and can pick my LC up this week. :)
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  8. Agree 100%,
    I have been very happy with them and like you say they know all the mod's on bikes, My 848 (S) with 1098s parts and Termi's
  9. why? It's compulsory and unregulated. Companies can charge what they like, unchallenged and when you do ask Why, you get alot of waffle about uninsured drivers pushing up the prices.
    but why would the government put a stop to the scandal when for every penny the insurance companies make they get their share in tax. That and I bet the old boy network are all shareholders in insurance companies. Plenty of other countries have much fairer models that work fine...
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  10. So time to take my renewal up with Ducati insurance - £254 for 2 bikes (R1 and 1098R) with £250 excess on the 1098R and £200 on the R1.
    They even supplied a cheaper quote for £225 but with £700/£750 excess but will go with the £254 which is a few pound down on last year.

    But this just goes to show the underwriters don't know what they are doing - asked to add my YR5 (1971 and circa 35BHP) - that added another £150!! So a £3k value Yam is clearly more to insure than a £15K 1098R - must be the power I guess :thinkingface: one thing I hate is officials in jobs that they are totally incompetent at - fekking idiots, and there are lot's of them out there :eyes:

    So anyhoo, I will be taking the £254 offer - thus taking a chance to add the Bayliss 1098R when registered :worried: and looking for a classic policy for the YR5.
    Anyone know a good Classic Insurer that doesn't bother too much about originality? And do any classic policies accrue no claims that you know about?
  11. Footman James do agreed value policies without any further documents or pics (I thought it was odd!) and base the quote and on verbally named mods. No NCB though. Still, Bikesure will credit NCB from a Footman J policy if you get a letter confirming no claims were made and you tell them you won't buy their insurance without the discount - I just did this two days ago for my renewal.
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  12. I'll tell you why Andy. Because insurance companies have shareholders to answer to.... And all those low life fucking scumbags involved in crash for cash and whiplash (fraud) claims have massively impacted the insurance industry. And guess what? You and I end up paying for it.... That's why you've seen a 15% increase in your policy....
    I ask the same questions as you come renewal time. How come after another no claim year my premium invariably goes up? And my cars, bikes are older therefore worth less. Tip- shop around. I know it's a bit of a pain but I just saved over a grand on my group policy. Took me an hour- kerching...
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  13. Got to give a thumbs up to BeMoto, first renewal with them this year, two weeks before policy was due to expire Scott phoned me up to ask about my renewal and followed it up the next day with a renewal quote,£100 cheaper than last year,happy with that :upyeah:
  14. Thats who i went with in the end BeMoto and dealt with Scott, the company had a more personal touch. I hope it keeps that way and they don't get to big as then they become like the rest,
  15. This year policies are going down due to changes in laws around whiplash (heard it on the radio) so if yours are still going up you are being proper ripped off as the cost to insurers has dropped evidently :)
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  16. Bemoto here too....200 quid cheaper than MCE for my 3 bikes and better cover too...
  17. Good to know, ta. They tried it on but I shopped around :upyeah:
  18. A few years ago, my eldest was learning to drive in a Ford Ka. Long story short: she hit a double-decker bus. I dealt with the insurance and called the instance co. They said that they had a claim from First Bus for paintwork to the bus - about £500. Fair enough as the Ka was written off. And, they said, a passenger on the bus was claiming for whiplash... I said hat I would dispute that and never heard anymore, but for FS...