Deep Clean And Winter Prep... Including Photo's.

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  1. I've had a fairly productive couple of days giving the bikes a thorough deep clean and preparing them for Winter.

    Started yesterday morning by dragging the three of them out of the garage.



    Give all three a good hose down, wash and dry. Then it was time to get the fairing off the 1198 & Panigale give all of them a good coat of this good stuff :)


    Left them to soak for 15-20 minutes to allow the ACF-50 to 'Seep' in to all the nooks and crannies before giving them a wipe over with a microfibre cloth.















    Then the fairings were cleaned on the inside and put back on, all three bikes degreased from where the ACF-50 had misted on to bits of the paintwork, polished and finished off with a fresh coat of wax.












    Panigale - apologise for the crap light in the photo's rain meant I couldn't get it out the garage for some decent one's :(





    Then they all got covered up and tucked up for the winter :( a busy couple of months ahead with work means that I'm a bit earlier than usual but I'm looking forward to spring already...

    I've still got a few tinkering jobs that I'd like to do on the Panigale over winter too but at least they're all decontaminated and protected now :)




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  2. I don't know why the last two photos tagged on the end of the post either :thinkingface: I can't seem to remove them by editing the post either, they keep reappearing... @El Toro can you remove the two repeated photo's at the end of the post?
  3. @Ben Mallinson it won't let me do it either.
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  4. Thanks for labelling them so we knew which was which, v. helpful :):upyeah:
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  5. Deep clean and ACF50 does that mean you will be riding them through the winter months?
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  6. No wheelie bin in shot either! Sad times, yes indeed, sad times folks.
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  7. Nice peg bag in shot 1 to be fair !
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  8. I noticed that, and the watering cans: good work, times a changing :eek:
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  9. Thought it was a strange one when I couldn't do it... Thanks for trying @El Toro :upyeah:
  10. Absolutely not! I don't mind admitting I'm a fair weather fairy @higgy748. Decided to go the ACF-50 route as I came to the conclusion that maintaining an ideal relative humidity in garage is unlikely so a good compromise :)

    Wheelie bins are sooooo last year... Hanging baskets with dead flowers in them, watering cans and el cheapo peg bags are the way forward.

    Here's a photo for those of you who are stuck in the past though o_O

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  11. Do you have to be careful with the acf 50, any parts you need to protect from contact?
  12. Brakes and disks, you don't want ACF 50 anywhere near those puppies!
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  13. As mentioned above...

    Discs, pads and tyres is all I aimed at keeping it away from :) Everything else is fine as far as I'm aware :upyeah:
  14. I don't need encouraging but this thread has got me running for the garage.

    Next best thing to riding is cleaning and maintaining the steeds.
  15. stunning collection, my dream garage :astonished::upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:
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  16. I'm stunned Ben....a WOW collection, and great attention to detail.......get a desiccant dehumidifier for the to run and always kept my bike moisture free through the winter....
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  17. Thanks @rob lewis, not quite up to your standards but I do try and keep them nice :)

    To be honest, they could probably to with some paint correction doing on all 3 of them as they do have some 'marring' if that's the right word? in the paintwork. I keep saying to Helen we should get them all up to you at some point, the logistics of doing it doesn't make it the easiest thing though... One day I will do though :upyeah:

    I'm still contemplating a dehumidifier Rob (what dehumidifier do you use?) just thought ACF-50 would help too as the current garage isn't very 'Draft Proof' or insulated so a dehumidifier will have its work cut out... I do intend building a new garage a bit further down the line though which will be much better in regards to this :) Need to put some wonga away again first though :rolleyes:
  18. You keep them pristine buddy!!!....yep you are right...marring, swirls spiders web in the paint......I would be willing to travel to you Ben but the cost of fuel would be expensive as I don't drive the most economical of vehicles.....

    The dehumidifier I use:

    Had it over a year now and has been reliable and never let me down...
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  19. god damin it!!! The amazon tax has struck again: ACF50 in the post...
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  20. Thanks Rob, I'll also certainly bare in mind your willingness to travel mate... That would make the logistics much easier :upyeah:We will work something out sooner or later mate, I've got a busy few months coming up with work but I would like to get at least one of them done before next season arrives :)

    Thanks for the link to the dehumidifier also mate, much appreciated ;)