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Denzil Down

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Denzil the Ducati, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Hi this Denzil's daughter (Denzilina? ), he just wanted me to check in here to let you all know that he got rear ended (whilst stationary) on a set of traffic lights on the way to work yesterday. He is currently in hospital with one shattered and one cracked vertebra but had emergency surgery yesterday to stabilise the shattered one.

    He has a question for any of you who have suffered similar injuries - has it affected your ability to ride sports bikes and if so how? (We're a long way off this... But he knows he wants to get back on the horse some time)

    Sadly the 748 ended up embedded in the front of the car involved, although he hasn't seen it (was lying face down and immobile so hasn't seen it since he was on it). Police advised it was a write off but he already plans to buy it back from the insurance company (Bennetts - again, if any experience of this please let us know). I must admit I was heartbroken that it was the 748 as he has lavished it with love and attention for 12(?) years and all of my experiences as a pillion passenger have been on that bike. But I would rather have my dad safe than his bike!

    He is currently without his laptop so unable to answer messages himself but I will stay logged on and pass on any good wishes. I know how much he values this community.
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  2. Get well soon .... Poor Denzil...
    Shit luck...
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  3. :scream: Shocked to read that Denzilina. Tell him I’m thinking of him and hope he makes a speedy & full recovery:upyeah:. I can’t answer your questions but please give him my best wishes and I hope the car/van driver gets banned for driving without due care & attention, if not dangerous driving. Careless basterd:mad:.

    Make sure your Dad gets a good solicitor ASAP.
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  4. Pass on our best wishes and hope for a speedy recovery, we know how much he thought of the 748 but that can wait.
    Keep us up to date with progress, Denzils not the bike.
  5. wish him a speedy recovery !!! get well soon buddy !!!
  6. get well soon Andy.
  7. Please pass on my best regards for a fast recovery, l met your Dad at Avebury on a Ducati ride out around eight years ago and I never forgot how fondly he spoke of his 748 even back then.
  8. Keep Rockin Denzil - (but not til your back heals) :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:

  9. Get well soon Denzil, best wishes mate!
  10. Bad luck Denzil and get well soon.

    Make sure you listen to the Doctors and Physios as you need to get back into shape.

    As previously said, keep us updated on what’s going on and there may be some useful stuff in amongst the ribbing.

    Is the 748 now a trike, or have they managed to separate them? A bucket of cold water can help!
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  11. Crap news, is he in a union in work? If so he has access to good legal help. Listen to the doctors, take the pain relief, and don't try to hurry recovery, it takes time. Good luck.
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  12. Please pass on my best wishes for a full recovery.
  13. Had 2 compression fractures of the lower spine. Plus other breaks. On a 748 too...

    Was in a body brace for a few months. Still ride and track sports bikes 12 years on. Back gives me gip, but try to manage heavy lifting etc.

    Do the physio and look after your back.
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  14. Can't offer any advice but all the best for a good and speedy recovery (in that order).
  15. Damn. Pass on my best wishes.

    If he cant ride a sports bike, there are plenty fo big power sportslike nakeds out there :upyeah:
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  16. Get mended. Bike replaceable.
    Theme tune of 6 million dollar man is a good positive to focus on.
  17. Shit one.All the very best Denzil.
  18. Bad luck hope dad is soon up and about.
  19. Morons in tin boxes: unamused:,God help us all
    Well Wishes :upyeah:
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  20. Poo :poop: GWS the Denzil :worried:
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