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Denzil Down

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Denzil the Ducati, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Sounds like Denzil was much unluckier than both I and my bike were this summer.
    My bike is now pretty much back to pristine (will post pics when I can) and so am I.
    How ironic when I highsided at 60 and he was stationary...
    I was able to negotiate a settlement without it being written off but his 748 sounds too bad for that.
    May be worth a try though.

    Here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery
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  2. Really sorry to read this. Time is a great healer, and often its 90% of the cure so try not to rush yourself too much. Take care Denzil & keep up all updated when you can.

    Thanks Denzillina!
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  3. Denzilla btw...…………….. :eyes:

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  4. Top bloke.
    Get well soon mate.
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  5. Crap news! Hope that things start to look more positive soon. Always found Denzil's help to so many people over the years incredibly useful although some of his electrical knowledge has been bit beyond me sometimes. Wish him the quickest possible recovery.
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  6. So sorry to hear this but glad he is asking about his riding future.
    I had a discoctomy and laminectomy on my L1 vertebrae in 2004. Still on sports bikes. My 748 is more extreme in riding position for me than my Panigale. Worth thinking about?
    Do your exercises, and a good physio. Fingers crossed.
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  7. Andy, Andy’s daughter, please pass on my best wishes to him. Hope he makes a speedy recovery as it’s his shout for the brews next time we meet up.
    But seriously, GWS!
    ATB, Ian
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  8. Really crap news... Hope he isn't in to much pain and has a full and speedy recovery..
    Please say hi and give him a big sloppy kiss from me...
  9. GWS (Get well soon)

    Heal up first, then deal with insurance company bollocks. They do not dictate the terms of anything & you can use whoever you wish for out-of-pocket expenses such as inability to work. Through a solicitor outside of the remit of you're insurance company for things like whiplash injury & the broken bones et cetra.

    ps: Can you not get him a cheap laptop & 'three' mobile broadband dongle?
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  10. Damn, get well soon.
    I know it's painful when your pride and joy is smashed to bits, I bought my bike back a few years ago after my off and I (almost) think it would have been better and leaving it written off and getting another one. That way the new one isn't cat c / d etc. Just my two pence worth. But definitely worry about that later.
  11. Tell him JoeC has all the bits he needs and it serves him right for being a cheapskate!:p
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  12. Bad news indeed. All the best for a speedy and successful recovery.
  13. Best wishes for a full recovery Denzil, always appreciate the knowledge and attention to detail in your posts on here.
    I was rear-ended by a Range Rover 15 years ago and my 916 was written off so I can sympathise.
    I was much luckier with hardly a scratch.
    Recovery is your priority, but I would advise a daily diary to document your progress. I did it after a more serious collision injury many years ago and it certainly helped with the injury claim process.
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  14. Very sorry to hear this. I hope Denzil makes a good recovery.
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  15. Thank you everyone for your good wishes. None of us have seen the 748 at all so can't comment whatsoever on its state, trike or otherwise. He has lots of theories about what might be trashed, especially now the nurse who stopped to help on her way to work has visited and told him what she knew.

    He is in a union at work and the police have the details of the driver who stayed at the scene (it's something, I guess...). He'll be along on here as soon as he can actually focus on a screen - the morphine is working its magic currently and I think even my phone screen was giving him weird hallucinations (lol) so he has said he doesn't want his laptop yet.

    He is as comfortable as he can be (see: morphine:joy:) and hoping for some sleep tonight. He was cut out of a new pair of leathers he had only just broken in... Although he says the trousers never really suited him anyway!
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  16. Hi.
    I'm very sorry to hear this, please send him my best wishes.
  17. Thanks for the news and keeping the forum in the loop. The good thing is the season for summer is nearly over so no need to rush that down time recovery for repairs to the bike
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