Denzil Down

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Denzil the Ducati, Oct 3, 2019.

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  1. A good update today: Dad is being discharged!

    It will of course take a good few hours to sort everything out, but Mrs Denzil is no stranger to this sort of thing. He tells me he has been for an X ray this morning but the fact that he is able to text afterwards is a huge difference from his last one on Friday.

    Will let you know when he is properly home and then relinquish my control of this account. Trust me, you don't want me answering your electrical queries.

    @Sambighair, one of us will (eventually) be in touch - thanks! Shame there isn't similar demand for a set of sliced up Daineses... (If anyone has any ideas about recycling leathers, please do shout. It's decent quality stuff and other than being cut up the leather is in great nick. When everything is sorted I doubt he will want them sat in the house.)
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  2. You are getting all my electrical queries in future, Denzilmina.
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  3. If they're black leather then just maybe the Sadist & Masochist local club near you.;)
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  4. Think he can do the googling for that :joy:
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  5. If it was a two piece suit, he could convert the trousers into lederhosen and the jacket into a sleeveless cut off with a back patch..
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  6. See post 164 :D
  7. Lederhosen!! What he's always wanted. It was a two piece (not a "onesie") :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
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  8. Sell them on eBay advertised 'as crashed and burned by Guy Martin - honest' should fetch a fortune :upyeah:
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  9. Davezilla you could sign up yourself :)
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  10. You could repurpose the damaged suit and make biker leather wallets or some such:upyeah:
    Company logo/strap line to follow.
    Dragons Den next.
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  11. Don't you mean "Dragons Denzil"?
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  12. Just heard from Mrs Denzil that he is now at home watching the rugby with at least one of the cats!

    Think this is my cue to log out and let Dad log in himself when he is ready. I'm sure you will eventually get a look at the 748 too (and if he is feeling really gruesome, his x rays). I may hack in every now and again to show you any good bins I encounter.

    Whilst I've not enjoyed the circumstances of being an honorary forum member you have all been so kind (and entertaining) which has meant a lot to me and Mrs Denzil as well as Dad. It may be that this thread becomes useful for another "rider down" in the future (I've read @Old rider and @ducati dad's threads and found them useful myself), but I hope far more that all of you and your bikes stay safe and shiny!

    Denzilla (or whatever you prefer)
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  13. We're rooting for you Denzil. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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  14. I’m with Davebird.
    We like you, you should sign up in your own right. Maybe you could be Davebird’s assistant??
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  15. Ducbird has enough assistants and gofers.

    Denzilmina can be here to keep us all in order. That's my vote.
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  16. I'm flattered, but not sure how Denzil would take to me cramping his style ;) And I promise, I have nothing other than "that's a really nice bike" to add to most of the discussions on here. (Electrical issues? Have you tried switching it off and on again?)
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  17. Do you work in IT?
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  18. Same as us then :bucktooth:
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  19. This is the real Denzil logging on, looks like Denzilina has had some fun and I have to say wow and thank you all for your kind, useful and funny comments, have to say some of them had me welling up.

    I am back home after a week in hospital and in complete shock at the roller-coaster week. I think that a write up with various threads on what happens next may be a good idea, perhaps one on the bike, one on the legal shit and one on the medical stuff with the intention of providing some ideas to others that follow in similar circumstances. The update today is a brief rundown on the accident and its result

    Denzilina posted an outline of the accident but basically I had just stopped at the hold line for a set of traffic lights with "nothing" behind me. Maybe a second or two after stopping I was smashed forwards and upwards into the air at an alarming rate off knots. I landed face down on the road and was quickly aware that I was unable to move, in the middle of the road around 10-15 feet from the bike. I could still feel/wiggle toes, feet and fingers but was very conscious that I needed to sweat it out (It was incredibly painful) and not move. Bystanders helped me including a nurse who stayed with me for 35 minutes until the ambulance crew arrived. They used a spinal board to scrape me up, cut all my clothing off and then stabilized everything for a slow blues and twos drive 5 miles to hospital, arrival in A&E was 1 hour and 15 minutes after the accident

    Damage is described in my discharge notes as follows "Two column burst fracture of the T12 vertebrae with significant retropropulsion of bone fragments posteriorly and into the spinal canal and a spinous process fracture of vertebrae C4" which means my back and neck had been broken leaving fragments in and on the spinal cord and I am fecking lucky not to be looking out for a wheel chair. If I was not wearing the Dainese leathers bought just a few months ago the outcome would have been permanent loss of mobility
    There are a few other impact injuries and some bruising but the armour I was wearing all played its part in limiting the damage

    Just so happened that the hospital had spinal ops planned for that day so had theatre and surgeons already set up and by 1845 I was in recovery with two titanium rods fixed into vertebrae T11 and L1 with a few screws, the injury area and spinal canal cleaned up and I was able to stand (actually sway as the blood morphine level was flammable) for some post op x rays

    I am now on a cocktail of pain killers and have hardly any power to do anything so will post up some more tomorrow

    Thank you all again, I have been incredibly lucky, so many people have been wonderful and we are all touched by the enthusiasm and support offered on here, it really does make a difference:upyeah::upyeah::):)
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