Desert Sled Desert Sled 'upgrade'

Discussion in 'Scrambler' started by Hatrick, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Decided to jump in and purchase the carbon side panels for my Sled, personally I think its an improvement? (although pretty expensive) IMG_5231.jpg
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  2. Isn't an upgrade to a Desert Sled buying a Multi Enduro? ;)
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  3. very nice
  4. Looks really smart, yes carbon bits are a rip off but you'll enjoy the look of the bike every time you see it so value for money eventually
  5. I think they look great. What do they cost please and do you have to buy the decals separately? Cheers
  6. They look great. What do they cost please and do you have to order the decals separately? Cheers
  7. image.jpeg Thought this one looked good
  8. I do like them sleds!
  9. I managed to get them for £400, the list price is £570! I bought the decals separately although didn't need to use them. If you are careful with a little heat and some fishing line they do come off and are fully re-useable, I didn't even have to apply fresh glue.
  10. Thanks for the reply. They do look trick but that's an awful lot to shell out for them. I may keep my eyes out for some pattern ones. Good to know about the decals. Cheers
  11. There are plenty of pattern ones around which I did consider but they are not cheap either, I thought best to get the proper ones at least they will fit. I,ve had so many issues over the years of pattern ones not being perfectly correct.
    There are e-bay sellers plus also a website called Design corse - have a look some good stuff on there.
  12. Thanks again for he heads up. I don't normally cut corners so will probably end up with the originals at some point....
  13. Really do like the Desert Sled...Dear Santa...
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  14. It's not for you. They like to be ridden ;)
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  15. Nice looking bike you have there !
  16. Touché, ain't that the truth? But I will have you know the 1299 has 700 miles on it now!
  17. I put 340 on mine last Sunday! :rolleyes:
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  18. As far as the scramblers go I've never really been a fan but this one does look pretty cool