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Discussion in 'Scrambler' started by Boomer, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. Picked this little baby up this weekend

    Not been off road yet ( if I ever will..) [emoji1]

    But what a hoot on the city streets [emoji106]

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  2. I am sure your wife will love it!
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  3. I love the way these look, congrats !!!
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  4. Why is that - because when he gets home from a 2 hour ride he is still fit enough to look after her - instead of needing to recover after riding the sports bike :)
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  5. I took a Desert Sled out for a test ride last weekend.
    Had to cane it everywhere - what great fun!
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  6. Saw the Sled in the show room on Tuesday and liked it but they also had the Cafe racer and again i liked that, think i need a Scrambler.
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  7. The desert sled is certainly a great looking bike , It is also 21 kg heavier than the icon . About the weight of a bag of cement. One of the things I like about my icon is it feels very light
  8. bet they would be a riot with some sticky rubber on.....
  9. To be honest, the tyres that come standard are very good on the road, (a new design from Pirelli) I was really surprised, quite soft and good feedback
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  10. Be nice to hear your thoughts and a feedback report once you have got some miles under your belt, I would be interested on your views...:thumbsup:
  11. No probs

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  12. I saw various scramblers next to each other at the Colchester Roadshow the other Sunday.
    I think the extra height at the front gives them a meaner look and makes them nicer to ride too from what Ive read. Might not be much choice for 19" front rubber?
  13. That's where I took the 'Sled from for a test ride :grinning:
  14. I've got one on order - still waiting for it, can't wait!
  15. I see you have invested in the 'tail tidy', is it the genuine Ducati one?
  16. Well spotted, I didn't like the original back end, its an Evotech one, it was listed for the Desert sled, but to be fair, I needed to modify slightly to make it fit correctly

    Although iam very happy with the results
  17. Yes, thought it probably was the Evotech one, I thought they said no mods required? I agree though it looks a lot better with it. Think I might get the 'bullet' type led indicators also.
  18. Can I ask what mods you had to do to make it fit? are you still using the led number plate light?
  19. I'm using the led no plate light that came in the kit

    I had to chop a mounting lug off from the underside of the rear mudguard on the bike, really didn't want to, but once done it fitted easily, but the underside dirt deflector doesn't go back on so good either..

    I think it's the kit for the earlier models, and I'm sure it would be an easy fit on those
  20. That doesn't sound good - chopping a lug off? Would you say I'm better in buying the genuine Ducati one (for twice the money)