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For Sale Desmosedici Rr

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Desmo Jim, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Time to sell this loved, beautiful 2009 rarer Rosso Red model. Two owners. Full service history, new tyres. 4600 miles. Own the ultimate motorcycle for £50,000. no offers.


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  2. GLWS Jim, it's a corker :upyeah:
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  3. Looks beautiful.
  4. Straight swap with shares in Mother care....... any good to you sir.;)
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  5. Beautiful
  6. GLWS Jim, a unique opportunity:upyeah:
  7. Very nice, good luck with the sale.
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  8. @Desmo Jim, If I may ask, what is the yoke number and if the bike is pre 1000, can you confirm the significant recalls the earlier models were subject to, have been carried out. Thanks, Andy
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  9. Beautiful. Definitely my favorite Ducati special.

    I was offered one by Ducati back in 2006 because I'd just bought a 999R. But I was skint. Because I'd just bought a 999R :D
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  10. What did they retail at when new?
  11. £40K
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  12. Does it come with the racing exhaust?
  13. I thought they were £48k.........or was that just in Sheffield? :p
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  14. Yes :bucktooth:
  15. My friend bought one new. I'm sure it was £44k. :thinkingface:
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  16. Was the base price without the posh exhaust? :thinkingface:
  17. Yep. The posh zorst was £6k - £7k iirc

    The bikes come with a standard exhaust and a sports exhaust that use the same body work (I have both of these in a box somewhere)

    The posh zorst was the GP07 kit. It came with a full Ti system, carbon belly pan, carbon tail unit, ecu and filter.
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  18. Think so. 40k definitely rings a bell with me. Fancy zorst was another 6k. It was just all numbers for me back then. The demo thing was a fantasy.
  19. I am sure the first orders were one price, then it went up.

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