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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride '24

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by Bumpkin, Apr 24, 2024.

  1. Is anyone taking part in this? It on Saturday 19th of May with local rides all over the country/globe.

    I've joined the Cheltenham ride after asking the organiser if it was OK to do it on my Multistrada as it's ideally meant to be limited to older or retro styled bikes and cruisers etc.

    If you feel inclined to sponsor me it would be much appreciated. Causes they support are prostate cancer and men’s mental health though Movember.


    Hoping that my best mate can join me on his Douglas to rebalance my attendance on an embarrassingly modern Ducati.
  2. I've often heard about these and seen a few pics but never done one . Anyway I've just signed up for my local one, I've put down I'll be doing it on my SL , but may borrow one of my dad's old Norton's or Triumph's if i can get my head around changing gear with the wrong foot!!
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  3. You really don’t see many Douglas motorcycles. Always fancied buying one as my Dad used to ride a Douglas in all weathers when he was conscripted into the RAF Birmingham to St Athen no mean feat when you had only a weekend leave pass lol.
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  4. My best mates dad, now in his eighties, has a small collection comprising vintage, post vintage and classic bikes. My mate suggested that I borrow one for the DGR... Whilst this seems like a great idea; a/ it's not been suggested to his dad yet, b/ I'm not sure I want the responsibility, and c/ the controls, ranging from wrong side gear levers, tank mounted gear lever, hand crank variable drive gearing (that's a fabulous machine, a Zenith), I don't think I'd be able to get my head around 'rubbing my belly while patting my head'...

    My mate is off to ride, for the final time, at the Montlhery circuit to the south if Paris. This is the French equivalent to our Brookland but is still a complete circuit including the banking. It was opened in 1924 so it's in its 100th year. However, it's apparently being torn down in October and the site redeveloped. He's riding there from Gloucestershire and riding the circuit on a TT Panther.

    The organiser of the local DGR I'm on has taken the stance of the more the merrier, and said OK to me attending on my inappropriate 1260 Multistrada, though I'm sure a more suitable bike would be appreciated.
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  5. I couldn’t like you take on the responsibility of someone else’s bike from a collection.

    Not withstanding the differing controls.

    The Panther reminds me of working in Wolverhampton where a hgv driver would use his as a commuting bike in good weather. Totally unrestored but still in fair condition with a very nice patina.

    Good Luck
  6. I believe its also/primarily about being gentlemen. Dress and act appropriately. I'm sure there's no ruffians on here. Ha.
  7. Always a good turnout in Perth where it originated. Will be there on the MHR again, great cause :upyeah:.
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  8. I did it for 4 years on the trot. Was a lot of fun.

    And on the plus side I managed to raise over £15k for the charities over that time. :upyeah:
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  9. Great fun today, over 200 bikes on the Cheltenham run. Perfect weather as well. The group raised over £18k, £275 thus far by me thanks to generous sponsorship by family and friends.

    Astride my mate's TT Panther.
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