Do You Like Me Think This Is Wrong Or Just A Perk Of The Job

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Noods, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Too much time on my hands? Maybe....

    Noticing two Anglian Water Authority transit size vans outside one of the drivers house which he’s doing up.

    I suddenly realised they were unloading plasterboard and bricks bags of cement from the two vans into his house.. I’ve nothing against van drivers or company’s allowing their employees to use their vehicles etc..

    However, Anglian Water Authority is a PLC and it struck me that only just the other week I was trying my best to help my Mum with her ever rising water bills, she was in a terrible state in trying to pay all those bills etc..

    That aside.. these AWA vehicles are as such our property eg you and I the bill payer and it would appear these borrow a PLC van employees are adding to our bills ...

    I wrote to AWA and got an e mail back yesterday basically saying that their employees were not doing anything wrong as “ their manager had given permission for its use”

    There lays the problem then, if the PLC are allowing Managers to allow van borrowing for the employees that’s where the issue really is..
    speaking to a friend about this he told me how he watched another one unloading furniture into a house using the said AWA van..

    If all the PLC company’s are doing this no wonder our costs are escalating...

    Do you agree or think it’s just a perk of the job and we should shut up and stomach the cost..?
  2. Noods, the next time you need to take anything to the tip or shift some furniture, give them a bell and tell them that, as part owner, you want to borrow one of the vans...
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  3. You need to step away from the net curtains..
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  4. Given the shit you struggle with noods, this isn't a fight you should let drag you in. in the words of Elsa

  5. Ha ha that is superb I luv it geeze.... x
  6. No net curtains mte I’m a Venetian... This is the Ducati forum after all..
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  7. I agree mte but it just seems wrong esp for the elderly and low income family’s who are struggling to pay their bills..
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  8. i think you are bang on.
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  9. On a scale of "Free Coffee in the Office" to "MP Expenses", the situation with the vans registers a 3 on the Bastarding Crooks Measurement.

    Worth a shit stir, as you have done, but not worth a worry.
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  10. really? when we are told by energy providers tbat there is nothing they 出门去 哒哒哒 阿不要 ?
  11. i rest my 车啊啊啊吧把
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  12. Do you own a Huawei phone, by any chance?
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  13. vivo。。。
  14. Well, your messages are still being transmitted to Chinese servers and then coming back partially translated.

    Nothing to worry about, of course.
  15. no, its the, phone its self that cant decide what flavour to talk... hopefully get mine back soon., not that it will make me,more inteligent
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  16. I'm hopeful, chiz. Always hopeful : o D
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  17. you and me both bud
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  18. Glad to see this thread kept on track for nearly 4 posts!
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  19. If it’s a PLC then it’s only the shareholders who own it, not the general public.
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  20. Firstly they aren’t probably supposed to. Van will be business use only and they likely have a take home policy but no private use.
    Secondly what extra cost is it? A bit of fuel? Hardly adding 10% to the bill, is it ;)