Do You Like Me Think This Is Wrong Or Just A Perk Of The Job

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  1. Well these two I’ve witnessed were doing their sculldugery at 2pm ish which for at least one of them is working hours, hence it maybe it’s costing more than just fuel..
    also AWA vans are tracked.. however they are probably being tracked by a Manager who’s getting his junk taken to the tip for free by his van drivers ..
  2. The same guy also, in the summer, brought home a mini digger to landscape his garden over a long weekend, obv delivered and collected by AWA and yes big stickers on the digger saying property of AWA..
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  3. I agree with you Noods. They are taking the piss. It's the beginning of the end. we're all doomed.
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  4. Noods.... they are taking a little advantage... but if they asked their boss then so be it....

    Maybe they do lots of things for the company that you don't see... working late / early etc... as favours.

    In life there has to be a bit of give and take....

    Don't fall out with another neighbour... as Noobs said "Let It Go"
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  5. When I had my vans, I never had so many friends.

    Thinking of buying a van again..
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  6. Amended for you.

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  7. Annoying - Yes
    Worth getting 'In a Tis' over - Not really

    I'd give it a 2 minute grumble to the wife rating at the most having realised there's nothing I can do about it.
    And truthfully, I think if I had the chance to use the company van for personal stuff I would.

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  8. Cheers Tel.

    I could save some cash and borrow your van. You must have one.
  9. I kept it to myself for now but you’ve tumbled me mte he is that dick of a neighbour...
    he works in the so called “dirty water” dept rather aptly..

    My girlfriend says she always used to put her wet wipes in the bin but now she chucks them down the loo. “ Heres some more work for you you prick” she says, as she flushes it away ”unblock that bastard if you will “...

    She’s the gal for me alright .. x
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  10. Ahh now if you'd said at the beginning it was that dick bloke, I'd have known your obsession. Just think, everytime you have a shit, he has to clear it up, and smile.
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  11. Ha Ha.. But no Noobie he’s not my obsession, making others happy and seeing people smile, that’s my obsession.. Unfortunately though, some people, are indeed, just too far gone..
  12. Don't listen to him, finderman!
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  13. The bottom line is very unprofessional,but haven't we all on here help ourselves to company stock every now & then in the past/present,i.e stationery paper/pens etc,etc:thinkingface:
  14. Probably. The trackers may have a ring fenced area, which is around their home and triggers if they go there (if it working hours). Bear in mind these guys work shifts too. And it’s unlikely Anglian will double up drivers on these vehicles, and its cheaper for them to allow them to be taken home than have a compound that needs 24hr access control.

    Pretty sure Anglian came out one of the very top (2nd or 1st I think) UK companies to work for. Maybe that’s why: they have a flexible and friendly approach to managing staff.
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  15. If this is the only thing you have to moan about in life then you're doing pretty well. Who the hell has time to worry about stuff like this?
    You have no way to assume working hours of people you don't know (holiday, TOIL, shift patterns etc) and what they may or may not be insured to do. And getting in touch with his boss is just downright ridiculous. What's to say he didn't hire the plant from the company and was invoiced for it?

    I'd probably be a dick of a neighbour to anyone who was trying to get me in trouble at work over something that was none of their business.
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  16. Noods you've got a bike to fix!.. Get away from the window and into the garage. We want to see some progress pics please!
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  17. It’s appening just be patient.. I av to be.. time & £ ... x
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  18. Shut it or an ICF taxi on its way my son... X
  19. Is an ICF taxi like an ICBM one? LOL!
  20. In n ireland the water board is still a public company which is covered in our rates bills. A basic necessity to life (water) should never have been allowed to be under control of private companies.
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