Do You Like Me Think This Is Wrong Or Just A Perk Of The Job

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Noods, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. ICBM? I could bike maybe ?
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  2. Inter Continental Balistic Missile. Or If you get in the garage after finding a few quid " I could RIDE bike maybe".
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  3. i make a hundred people week happy. sorry i aint got time to add you to the list. but i think i spread myself to thin already.
    now, taking advantage of the boss. (that word is banned in my gaff). it doesn't happen in my place. any perks, use of the place after hours, the odd ltr of oil ect, meh, its part of the pay package.
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  4. good man doris, i had a boss like you many years ago, so good to us mechanics but it was a two way thing we never let him down.
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  5. deffo. tho i aint the boss, the hundred a week are. the lads know this.
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  6. You have to ask yourself this:- Would you do it if in their situation? I bet most would if given the opportunity
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  7. Consider this from a different angle?

    The directors award themselves massive pay rises. The ordinary level worker uses the company van occasionally. Both of these actions nave a direct cost to the customers of the Water company. These directors could deserve the money due to improvements & good management. The loyal ordinary worker always puts in extra effort, is well regarded by the customers and his manager.

    The customer pays for the pay rises and van perks. There is a difference is the cost and the benifits...
  8. Between being on the forum, and your 100 "happy ending" massage customers per week, do you even have time to visit the workshop?
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  9. mate, i understand. most of your career you have worked for the council.
    different world bud, different world.
  10. Not an argument. Not even a denial.

    You go, girl!
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  11. there's no real need, institution boy. council workers, yer all the same.
  12. LOL. You vote Democrat, dontcha!

  13. no, i would of voted for Paddy or Kennedy if i could of afforded to
  14. That would have involved using the pencil to make a mark on the paper, I believe. Rather than chewing it. Still, I give you credit for aiming high and trying!
  15. i didnt get to chew it, i couldn't afford to enter the polling station.
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  16. No one chews paper anymore, its so passe...
  17. Don't you go oppressing finderman, you know how "righteous" he gets ...
  18. Not exactly moaning about perks as such but yesterday from 8.0am until 4.30pm approx; two men from a contractor were laying ducts for fibre broadband for the full length of the road outside my house.

    Sitting in a transit for all the same time in charge of roadwork signs (just two signs) were three men from an entirely different contractor.

    The only time any of them got out was to remove both roadwork signs when the others had finished.

    That's 8.5 hours of doing sweet-f-all.

    OK, so they got paid I assume, but it would have done my head in to have had the same job.
  19. meh, you have no morals (freeloading councill worker) so how would you recognize em when you see em?
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