Do You Like Me Think This Is Wrong Or Just A Perk Of The Job

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Noods, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. I rely upon good old WWFD. And do the opposite : o D

    Seen me right so far *thumbup*
  2. i only have pity for you.
  3. Finm...

    Lost an old college chum last week to asbestosis, really sad!

    When we did our apprenticeship starting in 1976 it was for us standard practice to rough up glazed brake linings with emery paper and then blow the inside of the brake drums out with an airline, all the mechanics used to do it at the main dealers where we worked..

    we both left after 6 and 7 years and changed careers , difficult to prove but sure that’s where he would have got it from.. they say it can take 30 years or so before showing itself..

  4. Those would have been heavy heavy bar bills
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  5. I know, right! Crazy world innit?
  6. yip, its never been the healthiest of jobs. i think brakes and clutches have been asbestos free since at least the early 80s, but i do mind them blowing that shit out with airlines in the past. i think the 30 a day will get me first tho.,
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  7. If anyone would know, it'd be a Wildling.

    It no cheap a-keep them boozehounds a-drinking' an' who a-pay?
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  8. deffo. but i think its perfectly normal under those circumstances..
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  9. Let’s hope not mte... x
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  10. yip, have you seen the cost of subsidizing those fucktards?. for example, comparing like for like, the expenses of the bakers dozen that took their seats in 2017 have tripled in their first year compared to the previous MP's, never mind, its predicted we will be saving you a few bob come the next GE.
  11. If this is really bugging you, tell HMRC.
  12. LOL. Delightful.

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  13. bollox, i take monopoly seriously.
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  14. I've noticed.

    (Where's that damned Hilarious smiley?)
  15. i know, it's the banker in yah. :p:upyeah:
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  16. Noods, I just realised how local you are this is actually on Anglian water property north of Lowestoft you’re taking revenge too far fella!!! C0D92155-2716-4C7D-9B64-902B8FD83D34.jpeg
  17. Ha.. superb mte.. and if you look to the left of my name you will see a self portrait of my c..k of a neighbour.. x
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