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Do You Think Marquez Will Eventually Eclipse Rossi And Become The New Goat ?

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by NOODS X, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Do you think Marc Marquez will one day eclipse Rossi and become the new GOAT? X
  2. Or as said in the GP commentary, the BOAT, best of all time :bucktooth:
    Love him or loathe him, he’s got it nailed. Ridiculous saves and on the very limit most of the time.
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  3. Yep... he’s discovered the further you get it cranked over the easier it is to save it if that makes sense..
  4. Yes.

    He’s something else. The only shame is he messed up Rossi’s chance of the 10th championship a couple of seasons back. That was really poor form. He should have been really punished for that.

    Besides that he’s on a different level to everyone else.
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  5. Well said .

    He clearly has incredible talent , and barring a career ending crash , he has time on his side .
    Short on manners and good sportsmanship though .... perfectly willing to barge through anybody in his way .

    Pedrosa and Lorenzo both showed equal promise , but they couldn't sustain it long term .

    And let's not forget Mike Hailwood , who set a standard that few will ever match .

    I voted " Yes "
  6. John Surtees ... F1 champ GP champ and TT winner.. what a guy.. x
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  7. I’d like to see him on another bike and how he adapts.

    Most naturally talented ever.
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  8. 100%. He already is.
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  9. I’d like to see him on another bike. But most natural talent (biggest balls and happy to smash himself and everyone else to bits) ever
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  10. Yes, the Yamaha!
    Is the bike really not quick enough this year? Or are the riders all off the pace....
  11. The Yamaha looks easier to ride. I’d like to see him on the Ducati....but I don’t think that’s going to happen.
  12. Oh Hell Yes !

    completely forgot about him while typing ..... apologies to John Surtees fans :)

    Different scene back in those days though ....
    today it's much more " Horses for Courses "
    The machinery was so primitive compared to what we have now
    ( telemetry , a full-time suspension tech on hand etc. etc. )
    And much less specialized to a particular category of racing , fewer mods and options available ....

    I reckon the greats from that era would have been winners in whatever category of racing they chose .

    But AFAIK , nobody equalled what John Surtees did , and probably never will ....
    .... different world now .
  13. I think he is better now than Rossi was at his prime, and I also think he will keep winning championships until he gets bored.
    But there is still something missing...
    And I would have loved to see him against Rossi on 500s
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  14. He already is.
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  15. Had to giggle when MM ran VR off the track in Argentina. That was his statement. He won the war right there. He knew exactly what he was doing. The wee rascal.
  16. You have only got to look at MM team mates to show how good he his, the Honda is a pig to ride , everyone thought Pedross was shit towards the end but his results were the same as Lorenzo and Bradle's, all lucky if they managed to get a top ten, MM has mastered the Honda and no one else can ride it and I am sure that's the way he wants it, very clever rider.
  17. In the same league as Lewis Hamilton bags of talent and rest of the teams/riders/drivers need to try much harder if they're ever going to win.
  18. Though Hamilitons Mercedes is brilliant car, and MM's Honda is a widley considered a difficult bike.
  19. Yes on the first part but you still have to drive the damn thing every other weekend:upyeah:and the second part the bike has been tailored for MM so just a normal day for him at the office likewise for other riders on their chosen steeds.
  20. True and true. I suppose I was wondering (though we will never know) whether the its the driver or the machine that is making the larger contribution to dominance.

    Personally (my guess) is that Verstappen for one, in an indentical Merc would stop Hamiltons total dominance. Looking at MM, I don't see any other rider getting on a Honda and putting him out of the running, whilst I could imagine MM getting on a Ducati and continuing to win almost every weekend, or beating any teamate on any bike nine times out of ten.
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