Donington Park Gp Noisy 10th September 2019 - No Limits

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  1. And can I try to follow you round for a bit?
  2. There were loads in the morning last time out, a couple of weeks back. It calmed down in the afternoon though. Had a great day. Enjoy :):upyeah:
  3. God yeah! Can’t imagine life outside a garage.
    Look out for gold frame, wheels & black body work. Grey hair’d pilot!
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  4. of course. I’ll try not to hold you up.
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  5. don't think that will be an issue.
  6. Best laid plans JoeC! Hope the shoulder recovers quick! GWS!

    Hope you enjoy the Hyper (eventually :joy:)
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  7. AHH so it was @Northan Monkey I was talking to in the morning .
    Nice to meet you :upyeah: .
    Bike sounded great by the way as I watched you thunder passed the garages :punch: