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Featured Don't Worry, Be Happy.

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by mike willis, Mar 5, 2024.

  1. Took the Multistrada to OYB Aylesbury for a major service, all booked in and courtesy bike arranged.
    A Kawasaki Versus, 650 adventure bike, apparently.
    Riding it home I tried really hard to be objective, fair and non judgemental.
    Getting off a Multistrada and onto this was like night and day.
    I know there's a massive gulf in value, and specification, but I really struggled to find any redeeming features, it will suit somebodys needs, it got me home safely, that's about it.
    It made me appreciate my bike, the make, the model, the equipment, the ride.
    I test rode the Triumph, The KTM, and the Ducati, before I bought mine, no comparison.
    If you ride a Ducati you will probably feel the way I do, you made the right choice.
    Don't worry, be happy.
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  2. That’s how I feel with the multi. Tried other brands, both test and owned, and always come back to the multi as best all round bike built
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  3. I know, but you probably thought some bike that you had in the past was great at the time.

    I had a V-Strom 650 and went to France and Spain on it -even down to Gib - thought it was great !

    Very much a slow lane bike - current bike is twice the CC of that !

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  4. I love my Duc I just hope it starts and runs ok after being mothballed since Nov! The battery is dead so needs replacing, thanks Biketrac tracker! (it was on a battery maintainer too).
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  5. I'll be there wednesday for a replacement rear shock to be fitted & oil change, not looking forward too the bill. But one's life is in the hands of the mechanics in hume we trust.
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  6. My first proper road bike was a 748 E. Since then, all other brands have been ruined. Nothing beats the feel of a Ducati.
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  7. Sometimes it is nice to get on a smaller bike and just wring it's neck, the grin factor is way up there with a lot less risk of killing yourself, which you would do on your Ducati
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