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Draft Post Retrieval...?

Discussion in 'Forum How To's - create an Avatar/Event/Group etc?' started by Keith_P, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Hi All - I saved a new thread as draft on my tablet and cannot see how to retrieve it on my PC. Argh!

    Cheers, in anticipation of assistance ;)

    Edit: Re-wrote the damn thing...
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  2. Have you tried simply using the pages arrows to go back ? sometimes I find it's still sitting there
  3. Thanks noobie, but my problem is that I've switched from starting the thread on my tablet then had to switch to my PC to add a photo and cannot retrieve the draft I saved on the tablet. I'll just re-write it!
  4. I didn’t know you could save a draft.
  5. The 'Save' icon ( to the right of the + icon) allows you to Save or Delete the draft... But if it's not retrievable it's not much use ;)
  6. You could always send the draft to yourself as a personal message? a bit like a text
  7. Ah, yes, good one (I make it difficult for myself by keeping my tablet 'clean' - i.e. without email, etc). Cheers.
  8. I tried this. It does indeed say ‘saved’. But also couldn’t find a way to retrieve.
    Begs the question: why have it?
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  9. If you put a lot of effort into a post/thread I'd always take a copy & save it too you're system. Saving it too a text document. It's a shitter when things go wrong & time has been lost redoing stuff.
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