1200 DVT Ducabike Comfort Seat Fitted

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Doug Howell, May 28, 2018.

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  2. Got rider & pillion seat covers from Conquest carbon, really fast service from Italian manufacture.
    Had them fitted by Viking seats in Longfield, Kent. The lads at Viking we’re really impressed with the quality and fit. I’d recommend having them professionally fitted as I watched and there’s a skill to lining up and stapling.
    The covers have a comfort inset so should be a little better on a long ride, i’ll have a spin tomorrow & report back.
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  3. Anybody know if these will fit 1260?

    Seats look the same, but you never know!
  4. Nice one Doug. :)
  5. That looks lovely. Are there different colour options? I’ve just had a quick look and your scheme wasn’t on the website ?
  6. Ignore that I’ve just been back on and seen the options ;)
  7. Do you know how much “tolerance” there is on the covers if my fitter was to raise the front a little higher say another inch at the front and inches and half in the middle?

  8. Hi Alan
    The fitter at Viking seats said these were the best aftermarket covers he had used, there was no trimming on the pillion seat and only 10mm off the rider seat.
    I wouldn’t think there would be enough material to stretch further than the standard seat, plus the panel designs need to be lined up properly.
    The option I have is the comfort seat cover with pre stitched comfort foam. I’m out for a good ride along the coast so will report back on the comfort level.
    I managed to get a damaged spare seat set from Pro Twins that i’ve had covered as I was concerned that my original seat may have be damaged during the fitting process but needn’t have worried.
    Thanks for looking, Doug
  9. Ok thanks, being a lanky git I prefer to sit up higher as my knees take a pounding, I have the original seat, another I have had modified higher which I use when making “progress” and want the same high seat with a bit more at the front for touring.

    If you get chance grab a pic of the underneath please.
  10. I fitted the same last year. Bit of a cheapskate so fitted myself. The front underside does indeed have a gel pad stitched in it. It is slightly more comfortable than standard cover but only just. The seat ends up no higher. Very expensive covers but well made. Seat small.jpg
  11. I have a DP comfort seat I’m going to sell if you want a taller riders seat. £300 delivered.
  12. No thanks, I have a spare seat which I want to make higher and was just wondering if the cover would stretch to the “improved” shape I require, hence asking if the cover had any tolerance I could use.
  13. Is that for rider and pillion bradders ?
  14. No just rider. Iirc they are about £500new. I bought from a forum member, used twice, too talk for me.
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    Hi Alan
    Didn’t get a chance for a ride today as we had the mother of all thunderstorms with localised flooding.
    Pic of underside of seat shows minimal access fabric. May be worth a phone call to Viking Seats as they fitted it Friday and may be able to advise if a panel could be added.
    They recovered my R1 seat years ago with gel inserts and did a fantastic job then too.
  16. I might be interested . Where can I get the pillion from ? Are they from Ducati dealership ?
  17. I would guess so, it’s a genuine DP item, mines a my16 DVT and belive it fits 1260 too
  18. Ordered.... looks great. Thanks for the hint

  19. I had my 1200s seats restuffed with memory foam by Fred at AR Pounds in Baldock. £65 for both. Bargain. I'm very happy... and so is my wife who found the original pillion seat very hard.
  20. Best to have them restuffed with memory foam and recovered. Fred at AR Pounds in Baldock, Herts, did mine. Pillion seat ended up a centimetre or so higher because I went for comfort for the wife. Rider seat is the same height. Really excellent job and only £65 for the pair.