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1098 Ducati 1098s Rebuild

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by Paulr1098, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Hi All,

    I bought my 1098s a year ago. I had a good summer riding at the TT and locally. Over the winter, I undertook a comprehensive rebuild.

    An overview of what was completed and some pics to keep the spirits up until we can ride again. Stay safe all

    Completely strip bike
    Refurb / paint / powder coat parts
    Swing arm - polish
    Paint side panels, belly and v piece
    Slash cut termis
    K&N airfilter
    New chain & sprockets
    New pads
    New wheel bearings
    New swing arm bearings
    New suspension bearings / bushes
    New tyres
    Quick shifter
    Gear indicator
    New clutch, basket etc
    Recover seat
    14 tooth front sprocket
    Double bubble clear screen
    Titanium nuts - rear wheel, sprocket / disc carriers
    Samco hoses
    Replace fuel pump and ignition relays
    Check fuel tank breather
    New fuel tank filter
    Check battery
    Rear shock serviced
    New cam belts
    Valve clearances checked

    B0FBBD62-7981-45A2-9D83-DD432F4FF951.jpeg 90394657-24E4-46FE-9B5A-B7CF8903B060.jpeg 1D681E6C-62BD-4D8C-B3A6-2968A8135E8A.jpeg 40FE874C-D0AA-44E0-A14A-961887D3C677.jpeg 9D017D60-D94A-4971-B67E-8872805C9CB3.jpeg 90E48F2C-36BB-48FC-BC84-628BFA150498.jpeg 0E76369D-CE22-46BC-AB96-814BAA3492CA.jpeg FD43224F-BFD0-471E-9569-5934606AD72F.jpeg 7BB02C95-C14A-413E-9B24-D2591B96D16D.jpeg A7E2A9D2-3010-40F2-A981-76E0E31F309E.jpeg FBFA1D7D-0B5B-4157-8320-38ECFC2F0992.jpeg D2CA6D9B-D718-4418-B131-C146FFE728CD.jpeg 9575C2E1-FD0C-42CF-8044-0EB271D01329.jpeg 41AE8B5F-8812-46B3-86F8-E0765488E22E.jpeg 7D892443-51CC-45A1-B755-EE136991877C.jpeg 95F81940-BB06-4043-BE0F-3E46DB511766.jpeg 67471A14-74AA-4CF1-B4E0-DEA72EBDCB39.jpeg 520CD236-3892-4332-A895-71C115B91B36.jpeg 4CEA39A7-C04A-4716-B259-EFC6891FCE3F.jpeg 59B822DC-9464-4E37-9AEE-869E19532000.jpeg 046FCF6C-F62B-4C99-8959-4C19E4ADE975.jpeg 002D93FE-1C53-46A3-AA36-0C08AC0C2F95.jpeg FC913E65-F7EB-4AC0-9B1B-6C5A9831FE9C.jpeg 12225179-3618-4276-9434-1A543A5311D4.jpeg D27080CA-C4C9-4D0C-BA04-BE2DA74996EE.jpeg C42D1583-2053-4256-9342-AD6B55B61E7C.jpeg F3326E4F-FB50-46DE-8BB9-0821CBB2AAEB.jpeg 42B476AA-1662-41DE-8211-9D9C08C41CE5.jpeg
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  2. Nice work. Looks great and you'll feel the benefits :upyeah:.
  3. Very nice, well done you’ve made a great job there..

    Really like the before and After pics, or maybe the After before pics, The pics before the after?
    Anyways, luv the pics.. X
  4. Thanks all. Yes, the pics have rearranged themselves somewhat post upload
  5. looks good . Just curious where you got the bracket that your gopro is mounted to , I've been looking for something just like that but I cannot seem to find anything. Thanks
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