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Featured Ducati 1299s Is Gone

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Adam Bell, Mar 22, 2024.

  1. So i have been on the forum a couple of years with my 1299s and the bike was amazing and apart from the cracked dash it was faultless really.

    I have moved to a V4 but thought i might try another italian steed for now. couldn't resist the sound of these things and for me the best sounding bike out there still.

    i will be around on here still, it is a great forum to be with.

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  2. All things come to an end.

    Please post up some feedback on the Ape.
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  3. Only had 1 ride on it so far, power delivery is brutal and really pulls in a different way to the big twin.

    Feels light and nimble as well
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  4. Always welcome to stay
    Enjoy your traitor bike :D
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  5. RSV4 owner here for the last 10 years...mine an old pre aprc one.....went out on it last sunday for the first time in 5 months....still fucking mental...!
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  6. You’ll be back ;)
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  7. Had one before the panigale, cracking thing but was worried about issues out of warranty
  8. I had a pre aprc Factory about 7 years ago, great looking and brutal bike but always sounded like it was going to self destruct, i chopped it for a 1198S, they're probably now light years away from the one i had though - Enjoy!

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  9. I'd raise the issue of sometimes having to wait months for spares, but BMW don't seem to be much better recently.
  10. Hey comfysofa…fancy seeing you here….I love my RSV4 Factory and mine is pre APRC. She passes the garage test every time I open it and every ride makes me smile. I would expect yours to be different to mine but in a better way. Can’t wait to get my Duke, I’m hoping to keep my RSV4.

    mayi ask how it c9mpars to your old 1299S?
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