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For Sale Ducati 848 Bits

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Ebbs73, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. good afternoon peeps

    before i venture onto the bay i just wondered if anyone would be interested in

    seat , - £80 posted SOLD

    Harris paddock stand £150 , pick up would great but can post at extra

    arrow end cans exhaust , slight mark on one , i`ve no idea what to ask , £300.00 ?

    i`ve also a roadlok £95 in pp SOLD

    and a double bubble tinted screen £45 posted

    pics attached , just realised i didnt take good one of the seat , its very good condition .

    if you think the prices are way out please tell me .

    thank you

    zurst (4).JPG

    zurst (5).JPG

    stand (4).JPG

    stand (3).JPG

    front seat (2).JPG

    rear seat (2).JPG

    roalok 1.jpg
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  2. The paddoc stand is a bit toppy compared to retail new
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  3. Ok Rc1 , that’s fair .

    happy for offers ,
  4. How much would you take for the end cans, and where abouts in the country are you for pick up maybe.
  5. Afternoon
    If the seat is still available do you have a few more pictures showing its condition
  6. Click the plus (+) sign after the Member's name under their avatar, he's in Peterborough, you're in York
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  7. 2nd for a few more piccies on the seat. Is it super grippy? I'm tired of crushing ma "haw-maws" against the tank all the time! Is it good nick?
  8. Hi

    Sorry for the delay , I posted for sale then disappeared , I have to contact someone who asked about seat first .

    In terms for the end cans , £300 , again I'd be guided as I don't really know what's worth what .

    Cheers chris
  9. Hi
    I'm only interested in the seat
    If you can keep me in the loop that would be greatly appreciated

  10. Will do , I've messaged him about the seat .
  11. mr DRS

    Sorry the seat has gone .

  12. Do you have both keys as well as the key code tag for the RoadLok?

  13. Evening

    I'm sorry for another slow reply , the roadlok has gone .

  14. the seat has now gone Bonkers, and the seller's name is Chris not Nick. :upyeah:
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