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Ducati 851/888 Forum

Discussion in '851 / 888' started by ducati dad, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Just out of interest,
    In lieu of the 851 888 Forum returning, this gives a rough idea of owners on here presently:

    ducati dad 851/SP4/851(996)
    Sambighair 1990 851 Strada
    farmster 888
    henk 1994 888 Strada
    Stang 1992 851
    Steve Robins 1992 851
    jakepeewee SP3
    Chris 851 Strada
    jack999s 888
    MADASL SP4 replica
    Bridgland 1993 888 Strada
    Fire3500 1989 851 Strada
    Steben 1994 888 Strada
    Nodrog 888 SP5
    Wassy 888 SP5

    Please Copy and Paste above if amendments or deletions needed.
    #21 Chris, May 22, 2020
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  2. Think it was jack999 sold his to a guy from Ireland. Last summer.
  3. SP5 #192

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  4. Great looking machine as the above ^comment:upyeah:,but what do you think of the SP4 out of interest.?
  5. Great bikes but not a lot of torque low down so a bit tedious on the road if you aren’t in the mood so to speak. The SP’s were built as homologation specials and quite cammy so the strada’s are probably a better road bike tbh.
  6. Ok thanks,food for thought as i need a triple eight...Right NOW!,the Sp5's are priced at £30k by the dealers and private sales,surely it's a buyers market right this minute and these are unrealistic prices.?
  7. Shame they didn't carry over the Ohlins forks.
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  8. you definitely need one more than a mono-seat 900SS lookalike. ;) Early Stradas still turn up for around £6K or less privately if you're lucky.
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  9. I just made an inquiry on the that SP4 for sale,but it has been powercoated.
  10. Yeah,it takes the shine off the front end for me,but i wouldn't say no if one came my way.
  11. You will be lucky but they’re out there still. Fully commissioned you will get something highly original for under £10k still... for now.

    I find the 851 lighter-feeling and more comfy than the 748 was, and dynamically it feels more purposeful. The gearbox is a joy and it rolls around bends like a Weeble, seemingly inexhaustible reserves of lean and grunt for corner exit fun... overall the 851 just feels special.
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  12. Amazing how little effort people put into an advert for an expensive vehicle. Exhaust is non standard and original screens are difficult to come by now. Having said that if you got it for the opening bid price there’s scope for improvement.
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  13. Yes agreed,but he wants alot more than that starting price,which is a shame because i've gone higher with the start price over the telephone ten minutes ago,but he's not biting.
  14. I would think that if you've enough disposable income to afford such a bike you could probably ride out the climate about to become apparent. If I had a 30K I'd sell it but I couldn't afford such a price in the best of times if you get my drift.

  15. I once owned a 851 Sold it when I wanted some cash, a number of years later a mate let me have a blast on his 748. I thought it gutless and needed too much dancing on the gear-lever, I'd buy a 851 over a 748 from that experience.

    Damn now off to E bay to find that 1K 851 in primo condition.
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  16. I spoke to John Hackett at Goodwood last year and he valued SP5’s between 15-20k but the guy at Sheffield thought 25k was a realistic valuation. A guy on the U.K. Gser forum had his SP5 on eBay for 25k last year and I think it sold but not sure if money changed hands in the end.

    Who knows how the market is going in the future but people like John Faloon still seem to be selling bikes so people must be paying the money.

  17. Agreed with the first part,as for the second part,i'm not a rich man but just like to choose wisely & carefully what i spend my money on.
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  18. Sorry was he valuing your at £15/20k.?
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