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Featured For Sale Ducati 900 Superlight

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Kevin Tallant, Mar 26, 2024.

  1. I've decided to sell my yellow 1994 mk3 900sl #680. Owned by myself since 2016 and guy before from 2001.
    Has had dreaded cylinder head bolts replaced this year, along with piston ring ,chain + sprocket set & fully desmo service, new battery. (£2,200 bill)
    Mileage is 27600 (did 100 miles today), has cut airbox mod with period carbon cans. Huge history file with MCN advert from 2001 when previous owner acquired bike, 2 keys, ventura luggage.
    Mot due May 20th which I'll get done for a buyer, they normally flag fully floating rotors up as advisory but they also do that on my sps which are less than 1000km old !
    Really sorry to see it go but want a mile muncher/sports touring bike in my life.
    It's in very good 'rider condition ' unrestored condition.
    £7000 located in Hertfordshire, just outside North London.






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  2. Not sure what's going on with my pictures, but if anyone is interested I'll ping more over /take new.
  3. These're for the connoisseur, great bikes in my opinion.
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  4. Don't do it Kevin! These are forever bikes, just find the space and get another! :)

    (Edit: even if it is a yellow one...:D)
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  5. Here's a few more pics












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  6. Yeah, the 916 where real bargins.
    Few more if you can read through scrawl, brand new Honda SP1 for £7995 in castrol colours.

    #8 Kevin Tallant, Mar 29, 2024
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  7. I was running a naughty Yamaha R1 back then in blue, i paid £5.5 as the second owner, good times with sensible prices.
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  8. I had a gsxr 750L , swopped a rgv250 for it.
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  9. Sigh... I remember wistfully looking at RGVs as a lad ~16/17 yrs... probably the first ever motorbike that got my attention. The plain-ish blue-white one (no pink) was one of the first bikes that toned down the ripped up graphics of the era iirc. It kicked off a 30+ love affair...never did get hold of one. :confused:
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  10. Preference this scheme

    E91A7776-53AD-48F0-8C66-E66243A870BB.jpeg E91A7776-53AD-48F0-8C66-E66243A870BB.jpeg
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  11. I was given one as a courtesy bike from Doble's when the Blade was being serviced by them, black and purple gaphics for memory.
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  12. The proper one had Lucky Strike livery, until the bleeding heart brigade got cigarette advertising banned from sport

    I nearly bought a Cagiva Mito 125 in the same Lucky Strike livery, in 1994/5, but, the dragon spent the money on new windows and doors for the house :sweat:
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  13. ....and back on the topic!

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  14. I raced RGVs in SS400. From orange bib first timer to on-the-pace in the Shell oils national championships of the time. I learned a lot during my relationship with them - far more than I could have imagined - stuff about riding, racing, money, engines, suspension, engineering, running a race team, getting sponsorship, pain and recovery, managing an obsession, and lots more beside. For me they had a really broad window right at the outer edge of grip at both ends that told you so clearly that you were over it, but let you get back in without doing anything dramatic, it was balance, stiffness and geometry far more than just grippy tyres. Good bikes.
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  15. If I had the monies sitting I'd snatch that off you without even a test ride, it's simply stunning.
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  16. I had one of those long time back - yellow too. Loved it. Was so nimble and relaxed as a bike.
    You'll regret selling it!
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  17. I know your right Phil, if I didn't have sps there's no way I'd sell. Not getting any real interest anyway so looks likes she's staying.
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