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Ducati 900sl Fuel Cap Flange Tank Seal Refitment

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by KG900SL, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. Any Ideas on how to replace the fuel cap surround flange to tank seal???

    I bought a new seal as mine was perished, and had the tank resprayed. The new seal is approximately 20% smaller than the original seal, part no has been confirmed correct.



  2. warm it up in hot water see if it is more pliable and stretches
  3. The part number is correct.........but check to see if there is an earlier filler cap, maybe?

    I know they can be a b*****d to fit, which is why I haven't attempted it.....yet. Perhaps WD40 or a silicone lubricant can be used.

    It appears there is also supposed to be a large O-ring in there somewhere as well.....Part No.886 4011 1A
  4. As AL says there should be a big green O-ring that goes on under the neck ring. They are a complete PIA to fit but as they are supposed to stop water getting in its kind of understandable, oh I've done this twice with a third looming.

    So I warmed up the black ring, then liberally applied red grease to the inside of ring and then eased up the filler neck. Then I applied more red grease to the green o-ring and rolled it up the neck to where it locates.

    Put the whole assembly into the opening in the tank, and push filler neck down firmly. As the edge of the top black ring come in contact with the top of the tank the ring should start to flare out. Keep pushing the neck down flip out any part of the top ring that gets caught. I used my thumb nail, but anything thin that won't scratch the paint will do.
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  5. Thanks Gents, sounds like another one of those fiddly Ducati installs...:Arghh::Arghh::Arghh:
  6. its just a question of being methodical and patient
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  7. You done well to get it out, took me two hours on my 400 just to undo the grub screws
  8. There is absolutely nothing that you can't fix with a 5 lb hammer and a chisel:eek:
    Getting the bits out and undone is the easy part, getting the new parts in properly takes time ad patience, and beer only after the job completed:)
  9. Just to reiterate...if you find it difficult to get the whole unit installed properly, and grub screws correctly located, with the top black ring fitted before you insert the whole assembly, an alternative approach is to fit it with just the lower O-ring, install the grub screws, and then squeeze the top black seal in around it from above, afterwards. It just needs some patience and lubricant (I think I used silicone grease).
  10. Thanks for the info :upyeah:, will give it a try over the weekend. Will make sure the black upper flange seal is properly warmed up, stretched a bit, and then if necessary I have some MS silicone grease to possibly help ease the assembly in. Originally when I was going to do it I thought WTF are these Italians at Ducati thinking:eek:
  11. They are tricky to fit, I found it easier to put the tank on the floor to be able to be above it and get the right amount of pressure to get it in.
  12. Yeah, as others have said they are fiddly. I reckon it's another reason mechanics seem to hate changing fuel filters...
  13. I was surprised when I realised that the SSie fuel filter is inside the tank (so I replaced it when I had other stuff to do in there), but I don't know how common this is on fuel-injected bikes? It seems an odd choice for location, and I've never had a car where the fuel filter was inside the tank, as far as I know. That said, the 900SL presumably has carbs and an external filter?
  14. After while away from road bikes, so was I surprised to find out that both the carbed and injected SSs have the pump and filter in the tank..........but apparently several bikes do including some BMWs.........

    ......and then I recalled the pump and bag filter on my Nissan 200SX was also in the tank, with another filter by the engine.
  15. ZZR 1100 is also in the tank I believe.
  16. Neither of mine was.............they was under the tank (filter and pump)..............but they were both the early ZZR1100s.
  17. New paint, with OEM decals. Ready for the new bits to be installed:upyeah:


  18. Wrong red............:eek:

    Well, it is in that photo, anyway.......;)
  19. Definitely perfectly matched to the original paint... LED lighting doesn't show it correctly, will post a pic in daylight when im done:upyeah:
  20. My carb SS has it inside the tank, and my injected 998 has it inside the tank, and in my innocence / ignorance I thought they all were on Ducs.
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