Featured For Sale Ducati 959 Panigale - 66 Plate

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by El Toro, Sep 10, 2018.

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  1. It’s excellent to be honest but I wanted to stick some cash in the bank for a few months before ordering a V4, that’s all
  2. Do you know what? I’m wavering on whether I want to now. I was looking at it yesterday in the garage and it’s a beautiful work of art!
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  3. Keep it
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  4. The 959's are great track bikes. I followed a couple of CSS instructors on the last Ducati day at Donington. I'd just got my V4 which was brand new (pre 600 mile service) so I wasn't going mad. I noticed their braking and cornering was good and the only place I could have nailed them was where I could get the power down- like the straights. The 959 certainly seems a sweet handling machine.... Just like my old 999R- why I did I sell that so cheap?? :sob:
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  5. Still for sale. But not for long before it goes to a dealer and will get at least a grand added to it.

    Grab yourself a bargain. Pm me :)
  6. Gwan gwan gwan........make me an offer. Not an insulting one obviously :)
  7. Can't quite believe no one has mentioned Wotsits yet!
  8. I’m thinking of keeping it because every time I open the garage door it makes me smile.
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  9. Thread closed then..
  10. Possibly.
  11. Would you still get the v4 aswell ?
  12. I’ve ordered a new diavel :eek:
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  13. Blimey, this comment has brought a wide a varied raft of responses :eek: :p
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  14. Well this is going into the dealers on Monday.
  15. Are you getting a v4 Terry?
  16. No. A Diavel by the looks of it...
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  17. I’ve decided to try the new Diavel first when the demo arrives. It has all the toys on it that I could ever want for road riding and the type of riding I intend to do when I retire. Plus I can always take out a sports bike from the dealers as and when I need to scratch the sportsbike itch.

    If I don’t like it on my test ride/S then I’ll get a V4S instead.
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  18. You'll probably like it. My track day buddy got one, loved it. Road only of course. Not my bag but hey ho...
  19. I agree. You've given up road riding though haven't you? I'm wondering if I need a non-race-rep to start enjoying road riding again.

    Met a guy last year with a scrambler though who did TDs and sold his road rocket to try to slow down on the highways to avoid death/prison. He hated it and tried to sell it to me.

    Sorry for the hijack - GLWS/Diavel
  20. Oh thought it was a windup
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