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For Sale Ducati 998

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by JoeC, Mar 12, 2020.

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  1. Here is my much loved, appreciated and sadly unused 998 monoposto for sale. It is obviously loved and cherished and benefits from almost every performance and cosmetic enhancement available as can be seen; almost all the c/f is MS production, including the very rare tail unit and tank. Everything else is Ducati Performance including the slipper clutch. There is Öhlins suspension throughout, Galfer discs, BST wheels (rear currently at BST for refurb), Brembo RCS master cylinder, Gilles rearsets etc. Even the mirror stays are c/f. The bike has covered approx. 35k kms, with complete certified Ducati history and sale will include service plus delivery, registration, and MOT if bought by a UK buyer. The engine, other than the addition of the slippper clutch remains as it left the factory btw!
    Tyres are new and unused Michelin Power Cup Evo’s fitted late in 2019 and the air tubes will be relaquered ahead of sale.
    I myself have put less than 200kms on the bike in my six years of ownership and if no interest on here it will be at Bike Iconics in Leicestershire from the beginning of May at no doubt a premium.
    A very difficult prospect to price, but I would not part with it for less than 10/11k.






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  2. GLWS :):upyeah:
    AirCon will be along in a mo with £2k :weary_face:
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  3. @Leesey
    For the sort of money you're looking at spending on a 916 you could have this:thinkingface:
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  4. Nice bike joe glws. :upyeah:
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  5. Do you have all the original bits included in the sale?
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  6. Nice fuel tank :D
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  7. Very, very tempting. o_O
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  9. I need no further encouragement thank you!!
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  11. PM’d my genuine offer at 2.30pm today but sadly ): not had a reply.... x
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  12. You do know he’s in the Far East?
  13. Lowestoft?
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  14. I come from THE east my son, where God invented football... just a bleedin shame my parents moved to Ipswich, mind you ain’t many El Cockernys left in East London theseadays ... x
  15. According to the BBC, the place is crawling wivvem. Ainchoo ever watched " EastEnders"?
  16. The only one I know on there who’s genuine West Ham is Billy Mitchell seen him many times at God’s Footie Ground The Boleyn... x
  17. Filmed near Watford I think, that’s beyond even way up West... x
  18. Never mind the bants Noods. Get that bike bought and out for the spring. You deserve it mate.
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  19. I made it earlier mte .... no response so guess it’s a no go .. x
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