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Ducati Advert From 1996

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Steben, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Came across an advert in an old superbike magazine , the one with the 916 survey, and thought some on here might like to see it. The survey's a good read too. IMG_6992.JPG
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  2. Thats where i got my first 748. '97 P reg if I remember correctly. Happy days!!
  3. And then they closed having taken deposits for new bikes and had people’s bikes in for service...I believe.
  4. Let me put on my glasses and read.:eyes:
  5. Was that the owner who topped himself?
  6. 16k for a 916sps.. what are they worth now? 24 years later...
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  7. ebay says 16995-17995
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  8. so ya money back iffa you had held onto one from new or a reasonable return if you bought one a few years after release when the inevitable hit was taken... i nearly bought a full carbon (inculding tank) 748 r 12 years ago for 2300... i knocked the guy back buy offering him 1800... what a mug...
  9. If you purchased a ninesixteen sps from day one and kept it in pristine condition and by keeping the mileage down, you would get your money back plus a little bit on top,but a foggy Rep that is a different kettle of fish all together as you would get alot more return from the same period,which is a bonus.
  10. The first foggy rep I ever rode (not owned) ending up in a field in Cudham.
  11. Tell us more about this strange story?
  12. That's Norton, surely:D
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  13. That's better.
    Cricked my neck trying to read that.
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  14. Well done Steve:upyeah:,your be applying a job with admin next.;)
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  15. There used to be a secondhand exotic car dealer in Bromley common called Bianchi, he would occasionally get a bike or two. I took a test ride on a foggy and thought I would head back in the direction of home. My capabilities didn’t match my new found speed so bombing up Cudham Lane thinking I was the bikes name sake clip the lanes edge which was mud, bike slid through the hedge as did I and ended up in a ploughed field which I think slowed me and the bike down. No mobile phone so had to walk to a house I knew in Cudham Park Road and call the dealer.
    I never had the guts to go back in there again!
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  16. Character building for the future and no broken bones:upyeah:
  17. A friend of mine did exactly the same to an RC30! Bet he wishes he bought it now
  18. Talking of Honda RC30's,i used to get my tyres from Sones tyres in croydon/gloucester road back in the day,Pete the owner had a lovely RC30 sitting there as you walked into the building,his words were that's for my retirement............of course i didn't listen to him.:(
  19. Would the 888 sp5 be worth more than a 916sp ??
  20. My SPS has been thrashed crashed and trackdayed for most if its life and is worth f*ck all. That's what is was made fir.
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