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Ducati Announcement

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Ash34, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Get ready for a big announcement from the Ducati factory this afternoon.
  2. Similar to Laura Ashley’s? :)
  3. How do you know? There's nothing on their website except this

    "Hereby we would like to inform you that, as a consequence of the indications provided by the President of the Emilia Romagna Region and the Ministry of Health, all visits to the Museum, the Factory and the “Fisica in Moto” training lab are suspended from 24 February 2020 until 5th April 2020 included.

    We apologise for the inconvenience."
  4. I won a national Superbike Championship on a Ducati. I have sources close to the factory.
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  5. So all Ducati racing to be cancelled??
  6. We are hanging on with our fingertips here! Such a tease:thinkingface::thinkingface::thinkingface::thinkingface:
  7. Who they selling Ducati too now?
  8. They've enjoyed the shutdown so much they have voted to extend it. Just a guess.
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  9. One months free pasta and Passata with every new Ducati to overcome the supermarket hoarding problems we are facing?
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  10. DP Toilet Paper?

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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Well....... , my 950S is waiting on a rear head gasket , shop says the order from the factory is "In Progress" , hopefully I'll get it for summer sometime.....:(:(
  13. You could well be forgiven for believing that. However, an oil seal my dealer had to order from the factory on Thursday last week was delivered yesterday. Has been fitted and bike is now being reassembled for collection later today I hope.

    Unless 'order in progress' means that the factory doesn't have stock and they're getting it from a 3rd party supplier... then there could be issues.
  14. This sounds like another dealer excuse that I read about a while back ‘parts coming from Germany but are stuck in customs awaiting clearance’
  15. WDW2020 cancelled?
  16. Potentially for my money, the closest suggestion so far. Andy
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  17. WDW canceled.
    World Ducati Week is the party of all of us Ducatisti. Thousands from all over the world meet on the Italian Riviera to celebrate and share the great passion for Ducati.
    Today, unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee the serenity and security necessary for the next WDW to be the big party we all want it to be. This is why we have decided to postpone the WDW to summer 2021.
    Reluctantly, of course, but convinced that when Ducati's river returns with all its energy and enthusiasm, getting carried away will be even more beautiful!
    We will do everything to make the next edition even bigger and more engaging.
    Because a party can be postponed, but a passion never stops!
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  18. A40A32C8-9BF0-4441-AA32-B5EDA6D196AE.jpeg 6A323714-EAD5-4A8B-B593-0F257D4EBAAC.jpeg
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