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Ducati Battery Charger 69924601a

Discussion in 'Monster' started by peter225673, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. I Have a Ducati 69924601A charger plugged into my Monster all i have is a flashing red light i am convinced that it means its not working correctly can any one confirm this
  2. Not sure if mine is same part no (can't find one) but it's only ever shown 2 solid lights as shown. It connects via SAE under seat on 1200R

  3. Yes thats the same as mine i just get a flashing red power light
  4. Can you check voltage - either through onboard or electronic meter ? Perhaps battery is already dead ?
  5. Sadly I appear to have thrown the instructions away. IIRC, solid red is in hibernation, red and orange is charging and red and green is fully charged. I have at the back of my mind, a flashing red light is a duff battery or could it be a reversed connection ? Andy
  6. Tried it on another bike same result
  7. Did you ever resolve this problem. I have the same flashing Red light on my Ducati Battery Charger.

    Taken the battery out (that's fun) and it charged fine on my Ctek Mx5. Retrun the battery to the bike and flashing Red. No manual with my charger. Anyone with a PDF version of the manual able to put one up?
  8. Sounds like the chargers duff, if another charger works on the battery then its not the battery.
  9. I’ve been using one of these and not convinced it’s man enough, just had a battery die after 16 months as the charger wasn’t keeping it maintained properly, never saw a green light in 3 years

    Bought a Noco Genius and LiPo battery instead
  10. Yup, Thanks Vinnie, logical, but was hoping it was not the charger, however I suspect you are correct.

    Tend to agree with Monsterped, these units don't seem to compare with the likes of Ctek. Will buy the Ctek to SAE lead and see how it goes.
  11. MMMmm come to think of it, I've never seen the green light on mine either .
  12. I plug mine in and connect to the bike.....red light comes on. I give it 30 mins or so and unplug the charger from the wall and plug it back in......magic...the green light is now on. OEM battery
  13. Seriously, just unplug it and then plug it back in again. That should do the trick.
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  14. Can’t see how that would cure poor charge capability, it may get the green light on but having lost two batteries that both went “weak” while using it suggests to me it’s not great - I rather suspect it’s a very budget charger badged up.
  15. when plugging mine back in after a ride,i get a red/orange light for a few hours and then that turns to red/green.
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