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Ducati Days!

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by Wooly46, Feb 8, 2021.

  1. Any idea on what dispensation will be provided if not passing 105? not sure my V4 with full system will pass - and no - mine doesn't have baffles. Will have to see if i can get another bike ready in time.

    Any news on the Donny and Silverstone booking?
  2. £225 ! With diesel, throw in an overnight hotel, at least one pair of tyres and petrol and that’s pushing the best part of £700 for ONE track day. No thanks, I’ll wait until we can go back to Spain, where less than twice that gets you to Spain and 4 days on track. Andy
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  3. No mention of Silverstone this year. Last year Donnington was very relaxed on noise. Plenty of v4 full systems on the track.
  4. The link in #20 gives you the details for Donington. Your V4 won’t pass the noise test at Brands Hatch and I suspect, given the latest noise restrictions imposed by the local council, you won’t pass Silverstone either. My V4 with the v2 baffles, struggled to make 106db static. Without baffles, it exceedes the 108db ride-by. Andy
  5. Donny and Brands Hatch!

    Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 16.09.00.png

  6. https://www.silverstone.co.uk/track-days/bike-track-days, no mention of a track day on the July date suggested and all the days look to be 102db, which my Multistrada can’t hit let alone the V4 or the 1098R. Andy
  7. thanks - do you reckon a 999 with 57mm termi will pass Brands 105? or will they allow a ducati engined bike(non ducati) though?
  8. Maybe. I believe my 749R with 57mm system used to pass 105dB.
  9. I’m afraid you are asking the wrong man, I know nothing about the 749/999, you need to ask @RickyX. Andy
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  10. Just booked for Donington
  11. Have I read that correctly :thinkingface: no noise limit at Donny ?

    Not sure what my 1299 with Akrapovic end cans makes, but not a problem if they've removed the limit.
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  12. Unsilenced so you will be fine...
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  13. There is always a limit on drive by. If you trigger it, you get asked not to again
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  14. I could only "register" for Silverstone.....
  15. think i might do donny thinking about it.
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  16. might I ask who did you contact for Silverstone as I can't find anything and all the contact mails from last year get returned
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