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Ducati Days!

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by Wooly46, Feb 8, 2021.

  1. So got all the info you need to book now ?
  2. Hi Dibble, long time. I was also looking at this but really struggling with noise limits. My straight wheel barrow pipes on 1299s bottom I think too loud for any uk track. May force my hand to get a different super bike does anyone know whether a V4S with oem akra pipes will pass the 102 db which is common across many tracks on static? Anyone had other measures?
  3. There is no noise limit at Donny on the 20th, a rare treat :)
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  4. Unless you are a professional cheque writer.
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  5. On the DUK Days in 2020 I didn't have any baffles fitted and I was running a V4R with full Akra's. No problem as far as I'm aware. As has been mentioned already Donny is a noisy day.
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  6. Even then it's a poorly paid job. I was one, for years following my divorce!
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  7. Yes I seem to recall doing duk day at Silverstone’s with my full race exhaust system. So might chance that one in July! Think the doni one is full though ...
  8. Silverstone no longer offer an un silenced day for Ducati, 105db static. Andy
  9. I was looking at MotoGP tickets, 2 grandstand tickets at £125 = £250, which is a bit pricey, and reminded me that in previous years I've followed the logic that I can ride the circuit myself for £199, and watch the race on TV.

    Well... Ducati have seen to that by putting price up to £275 o_O

    Inflation of Ducati prices (bikes, accessories, now track days) has been bonkers in recent years.
  10. Not too sure the pricing has much to do with Ducati, the days are organised on their behalf by the circuit management. Andy
  11. Could always just ride a Honda.
  12. Your not allowed to on Ducati days silly.

  13. Did you miss the full stop? :p
  14. I wouldn't be so sure, I recall one was under subscribed so they opened it up to all
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  15. For any one still looking to book this, the code TDRBIKE21 should give you 10% off!
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  16. Screenshot 2021-05-08 at 11.02.43.png 105 ride by.....108 static....just the facts..
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  17. Booked Donny and Brands boom :D
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