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Ducati Forum: Our 2 Strokes

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Exige, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. ...it has a piston?
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  2. rebuild time

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  3. A Fizzy! Had it long or bought to rebuild? It looks to be in good condition - thats a 1977?
  4. Mine was PTN63R a blue one with auto lube ( for the bike not me ). Got it from Ken’s on westgate road Newcastle when they were punting them out at £199. Disappeared from the Dvla system years ago unfortunately.
  5. Nice to see the garage is still as spotless as when I visited. :upyeah:
  6. I think so :joy:
  7. Now in technicolour....

    316D9454-270A-4A03-9D76-FF734E6FA807.jpeg 316D9454-270A-4A03-9D76-FF734E6FA807.jpeg 4D6A3084-4330-4BB6-9167-41B66FDF4DAC.jpeg 88ACF636-4C80-4B3D-85EE-F99CF38D069C.jpeg
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  8. Thanks ! hope all is well with you
  9. I have owned her for 6 years rebuilt her twice now, use it for about a 1000 miles a year then strip her down, same model etc as when I was 16, love riding her and is is tip top condition, have changed it to 12 volt and CDI and a 60cc for top power when required lol...I have owned 15 of em now and took me a long time to find this one as its correct mudguards and nonsense that makes em quite valuable, always feel like a kid when I ride her lol
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  10. Brilliant! I'd quite like a run out on an AP50 to blast me back down memory lane.
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  11. If ever your my way you are welcome to have a rip on her, not AP50 power as they were never as quick and you had the 5th gear as well, but always happy to allow anyone to relive their two stroke past..
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  12. I'm wading into my past and recreating a bluestroker myself. I bought a sad Ts185 and plan to have it up and running in a few months.

    Its a 6volt too. Are the benifits of switching to 12v worth it?
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  13. Got rid of my 77' rd 250 last year to buy an rd250/350lc.
    Used it loads last season , currently having a complete new bodywork set and new paint job in kenny roberts speedblock.
    Also got a long term 77' rd400 project on the go.
    Lastly my 76' fantic caballero tx190 I also bought last year. Gotta get it uk registered and pull the engine to fit new seals and bearings.
    Cheers puddy



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  14. My RGV was being a massive PITA this weekend! tried balancing the carbs and it hadn't started for a few weeks and I think flooded a little and then just wouldn't go! took me an hour to get it to run, once running it was spot on and ran like a dream... bloody 2 strokes....
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  15. My toy!! Rgv FA9157CC-64F1-4B83-AED0-4436B4959D10.jpeg FA9157CC-64F1-4B83-AED0-4436B4959D10.jpeg FA9157CC-64F1-4B83-AED0-4436B4959D10.jpeg
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  16. If its nice , do it thrice ! Lol
    Puddy :)
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  17. I. Know I’m crap at posting
  18. !2 volt is worth it, you get headlights and indicators that work with engine off and better quality lighting, much brighter and battery holds charge a lot better than 6 volt ie never have to top it up, also always has seem to start easier with a better spark
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  19. super dooper

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