Ducati Hypermotard Ownership Map

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  1. Here's something I've seen on other forums that

    It's an idea I've taken from 'classic' Porsche forum and has proved very popular

    You may not want the location to be your exact street for security reasons, but it will still give a good idea of how many Hypermotards there are in your rough area, which can be helpful if you're trying to organise a meet or need some help with something.

    ZeeMaps: Ducati Hypermotard Ownership Map

    Password: Hypermotard

    Instructions to add your bike as follows:

    Click 'map access' top right

    Enter password 'Hypermotard' and click unlock.

    Click 'additions' and go to 'add marker - detailed'

    Add your user name in the top box, and town/county. You may wish to enter the year of your bike and model after your user name like this: 'cambjones (2011 - 796)'

    You don't need address or postcode fields if you'd prefer the location to be close but not exact for security reasons.

    Choose the closest pin colour available to match your bike

    Click 'preview' to check and 'submit'

    Hope you like the idea
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  2. Just added
  3. Done :-& :-o
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  4. Great idea.
  5. Added :)

    MrJones you wouldn't be passing through Aldgate sometimes just before 9am?

    See a 796 sometimes passing by as well as a panigale.

    Also quite a few 821 Hypers by the Gherkin at that time
  6. Ha... yes I suspect that is me... leave Blackheath around 8am, drop the wife of at Canary Wharf then head to my office in Marylebone so yes go through Aldgate some time before 9am.

    I'll have to keep my eye out from some more Hypers.. I did see one coming out of the Blackwall tunnel one morning but none since.

    Where are you Cake? work there?
  7. Just added :upyeah:
  8. That's not too bad I a ride :)

    I hVent actually taken the hyper in yet so it's just me staring as you pass by :)

    Hopefully do few commutes when the weather picks up :)
  9. Clever sod adding the picture of your Hyper!
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  10. Are you just after robbing my bike ? Hehe
  11. I'm on board ;)
  12. Added the old Man too :)
  13. me to me to :upyeah:
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  14. Done! First one from Brazil :D
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  15. Done..first one from Scotland :upyeah:
  16. Brazil pais porrada! :D
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  17. Wow getting some diversity of nationalities here..!!

    15 UK
    1 Canada
    1 Brazil!
    1 New Caledonia!