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Ducati John Is Now Know As " Cellier B V T Workshop"

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by El Toro, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. Can no longer be called Ducati John. Just taken this from Facebook:

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  2. Everyone call's them Duke's; use that....
    I call my a Mutley...Pee Pee.... mainly 'cause other Pikes Peak riders hate it!
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  3. Duke John has a ring to it - does the queen use his services?
  4. VAG group have in recent years become very over-protective of their brands... I'm falling a bit out of love with modern Ducati I think. All these marketing words about "passion" while crushing individuals who have passion for their brand. I doubt very much whether there was any confusion about if Ducati John was officially franchised, and they're making it hard for even existing franchised dealers to keep the faith.

    The older bikes are great, long may the spares be available... the newer bikes are increasingly meh.
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  5. Do you think KTM would object to that one?
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  6. Smacks of Corporate bollox to me! I have no connection with John, have never used him or spoken to him but he has been around with that name and a good reputation for many years, surely he's been a positive factor for Ducati ownership and better than some dealerships they've had!

    Presumably the Ducati powers that be would not be able to see the positive, only a reaction of 'he's using our name'

    Another nail in the coffin! and yet another reason for me not to buy a new Ducati
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  7. Owabout " Jon Leduc "
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  8. doesn't cover all models but Desmo John comes to mind unless already exists.
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  9. Desmo
    Registration 661363 owned since 23/02/96 by
    Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A
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  10. Where's he based? Maybe Duke of...
  11. Johnwhoworksonredbikesfromacompanyinitalyownedbygermans.com would be a website name and a half
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  12. Itacud John?
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  13. I'd better tell the dog that he's infringing upon a trademark of Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A... told Hattie we should have called him EXUP.
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  14. Wopspeed John ?
    Ducatish John ?
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  15. Why has nobody ever started a parts company called Wopspeed? That's genius! :D

    These idiots might object I suppose...
  16. I wonder if they'll chase down all the people on FB that have Ducati and/or Desmo in their username :)

  17. agree, I can understand "Ducati" but trying to restrict the use of Desmo is ludicrous. Maybe just go for full-blown Desmodromic John then and see how the Gustav Mees estate feels about it, regardless of lapsed patents.

    #17 Chris, Jun 14, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  18. As long as they don't chase down people with titled threads, my fecking ducati has broken down again, we should be safe
  19. [​IMG] this one ended in a draw, which for me was a win for "David".
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  20. I'm waiting for the call :rolleyes:
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