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Ducati Manchester Closed For Two Days A Week

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by panigale66, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Ducati Manchester have just announced they will be closed every Sunday and Monday as they claim to be premier dealership I find this absolutely ludicrous and very poor service to their customers
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  2. My local BMW bike dealer is not open Sunday and Monday. Not brilliant but they seem to be doing well.
  3. I imagine its because not many people call in on Mondays? Of course it might be part of a plan to lower their overheads to reduce prices...
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  4. I hear what you say, but maybe having 2 distinct days closed they’ll offer better service the 5 days they are open.

    I know from friends in the retail world that did this a few years ago, their trade didn’t suffer and customers were soon “educated” as when they were open or closed and worked with them accordingly.
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  5. I don’t see what the issue is. There are many retail outlets that tailor their opening times to suit their staffing and costs. I am of an age to remember when shops closed Wednesday afternoons, never opened on a Sunday or on or over public holidays. Probike in Newbury don’t open on Sunday and Monday, the MR workshop isn’t available on Saturday or Sunday. For many motorcycle dealerships, December, January and February are lean times so why open where the costs of opening potentially exceed the income or on the off chance someone might want to look at a bike. Commercial suicide. Andy
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  6. DMC Preston which is part of the group of 4 shops has been closed on both Sunday & Mondays for years. So MCR following suit, isn't a big surprise.
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  7. Stoke has been too I believe. And since opening, so has Worcester.

    So as you say it’s not surprising. And I’m sure customers will get a better service on the days they are open as all staff will be in at the same time (barring illness of course).
  8. Most customers still work Monday to Friday - you would think Sundays would be a good day for visitors to the store. Even people with mates on a ride out on other makes who may be persuaded on to a Ducati. Monday and Tuesday would likely be better for business, but not for the staff...
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  9. pretty much all bike shops here close sunday and Monday
  10. thing is if your bike mad. and wanna ride. sunday is the best day for it really. dont blame them
  11. And welcome Dave. Introduce yourself properly in the newbies section too why don’t you :)
  12. I like going to bike shops on Sunday's.
  13. Yes, that’s because you can’t spend any money because they are closed :joy: Andy
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  14. Has it ever been open on a Sunday ?
  15. It's a difficult one. In Bristol, Riders are shut on Sundays whereas Fowlers are open and that is where we can get a coffee and have a nose. But staff deserve a weekend too. But, But if you work in retail then such things like weekend working, are the norm and it's a pisser when stores are shut when you are off work. And Riders sell Ducatis and have a better coffee bar. While I don't work there then I think that they should open Sundays - but if I did work there, then the should close to give staff a weekend!
  16. We will all be working a 4 day week in 20 years time, well those who are still employed and of working age will anyway.
  17. The 2 day a week closure dosent bother me in the slightest but as Exige said, maybe Monday and Tuesday would be better as Saturdays and Sunday's are when us workin folk are out and about and more likely to pop by
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  18. But that “solution” wouldn’t give staff the chance of spending some time with family who work or are at school.
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  19. As a business I’m sure they would’ve looked at the figures and assessed if Sunday sales outweighed staff costs for the day.
    My local Ducati dealer is only open in part on a Sunday and the service department is closed completely.
    I’m sure clothing sells a bit on a Sunday, but if I knew it wasn’t open I’d just go on the Saturday.
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  20. I would have thought that opening in ths spring & summer on a Sunday would be worthwhile, but if the guys who can't provide decent engine paint say otherwise...
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