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1260 Ducati Multistrada 1260 V4 !! 190hp

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by victit, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. That looks like a 170 section rear like the 1250gs.
    Me thinks this is the enduro replacement and the 1260 will be left alone.
  2. Apple CarPlay would be good or some Bluetooth that works
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  3. Android Auto would be cool too. Use it in my car a lot, though not too sure if it would be quite as useful on a bike, my Garmin has most of that covered anyway.
  4. New dash could be an all-in-one GPS unit btw.
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  5. Do you think they will make sure it's quiet enough for Austria? :confused:
  6. I hope they don’t make the dash out of 1980’s Casio watches. The one on my 1200DVT is utter shite and marks far too easily.
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  7. Thanks. I’ll get some in
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  8. Interesting..... Many sites suggesting that the new v4 will run alongside the 1260 as it’s quite different. Ducati Worcester still willing to take orders for the 1260 and as the lead time is around 8 weeks that would mean that the tweet suggests that the last orders for build we’re back in May,
    But do we believe “tweets” Donald???....
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  9. I have read all the rumours, pored over the Spy Shots of the new V4 Multistrada and spoken to the dealers. I cant help thinking that someone in Bologna is laughing their head off and saying they have bought all the rumours and the photos of the mock up bike - just wait until we reveal what it actually is! :)
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  10. I'm getting old.
    The only music I want to hear when I'm riding is the engine/exhaust note.

    I DON'T want Blu Tooth or anything similar to stream music.
    And the very last thing anyone should do is take a telephone call when riding.
    Sat Nav if you need it.
    I NEVER get lost..... I'm just exploring new destinations and routes.
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  11. 100% this.
  12. The way Ducati are going at the moment It will probably be a Multistrada Pikes Peak V4 S costing £27995
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  13. Where do I place my order :imp:
  14. i think from previous generations first was the launch of the s and standar version and next year the pikes peak midel.
    am i wrong?
  15. Looking to change my moto in spring. On a GS at the moment but open minded and liked my 1200 Multi apart from build quality. I will be interested if the v4 is not
    • Bigger
    • Heavier
    • Longer
    • 19” front wheel
    • Too expensive ( it already is, any increase and it is no thanks from me)
    • Thirsty as fcuk. V4s tend to like a drink
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  16. It’s also a shame the residual value of a multistrada is so crap. Maybe stick to a gs
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