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Ducati (panigale) Spacers '16 1200r

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Ilmostro99, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. Not exactly a review, as I haven't had a chance to ride with them yet, but after the last few months of terrible weather, I needed an excuse to wrench on my bike, and the Ducati Spacers (throttle) seemed like a cheap solution. I really didn't see the need for them, but that's not the point, is it. I have to say, it was the easiest "mod" I've ever done. In fact, it was a bit of a let down as it took me all of 5 minutes, and 3 of those were looking for my screwdriver. I didn't even get the opportunity to curse and throw things. Like I said, I haven't had the chance to ride with them yet, but playing with the throttle in my garage, I have to say I think I'm really going to like it. No play in the throttle at all. Anyway, if you're interested in an excuse to wrench on your bike for about $35 they sent me a coupon code to cure the CoronaVirus blues. Enter the code PANDEMIC for 15% off. I get nothing out of this, nor do I know anybody in the company. Just thought I'd share. https://ducatispacers.com
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  2. Fitted some on mine , great mod.
  3. Yes, I thought it was hype until @cookster told me it did make an improvement. He was right :upyeah:
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  4. Is the millisecond of “play” really a hinderance?
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  5. No it’s not. But it does make a difference in feel on the throttle. Never felt I needed anything on my v4 when I had it but on the Pani R there is less surging on low throttle openings.
    I felt just like you before then.

    EDIT. Oh, and I got mine second hand so less worried about the daft cost for a little bit of plastic
  6. Great mod, makes going from closed to opening throttle much smoother
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  7. I didn't think I needed them but my mate convinced me to fit them,,,,,,,they do smooth the trottle action out and are worth fitting imo.
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  8. Removing the throttle slop using spacers is one of the best and cheapest mod you will find.
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  9. Well.... after hearing a lot about fitting throttle spacers, and thinking, oh yeah can’t see how they would make that much difference - today I went and fitted them on my 1200R. Took it out for a quick spin / test ride. Boy, so much better....within the first couple of streets I was convinced. Enjoyed my ride so much more, and didn’t ride it like a Doris at all today !. Wish I’d done it ages ago....

    Anyway, for all those that posted / recommended, thank you. You were right !!
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  10. Mine were fitted by JHP when it was in for service.
  11. Can you explain what is now different from before :)
  12. The Spacers remove the slack/ sloppiness from the throttle. So when you twist the throttle you get a much more responsive and improved feel as you feed in the power.
  13. As above. Living in the South East, I spend far too much time in traffic getting to open roads, so particularly in town, not having that slack / sloppiness in the throttle, just makes it much easier to ride smoothly....
  14. Are there any recommended UK suppliers? or are you all buying from the USA?
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  15. Doh..... got mine from the US as didn’t know about Coventry JHP !
  16. Google, but now it states 'out of stock'.
    I used it last week to order for my Speed Triple RS & I have both items at home waiting to fit.
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