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For Sale Ducati Superleggera Front Forks

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Brad, Jun 8, 2020.

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  1. Haha why would you do that these would make a great purchase, I can get the tape measure out tomorrow if that does help.
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  2. Can’t find an in focus close up of the front brake caliper mounting but IIRC, the 1199 Superleggera has spacers like the V4. I run 320mm discs on my V4 no problem. Andy
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  3. I can't imagine ever regretting buying those forks.
  4. I certainly don’t I just want someone that’ll appreciated them rather then sitting on my desk looking pretty
  5. The front shocks are Ohlins 43mm, FL916 lightweight forks that are 1.4kg’s lighter. They have machined aluminium bottoms and asymmetrically-machined outer tubes to shave weight, better strengthening without compromising on flexibility

  6. See - I’m helping :imp:
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  7. What's the top and bottom yoke diameter :thinkingface:
  8. FL936 surely; spec sheet on 1299 SL says so I think?

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  9. 1199 fl916
    1299 fl936

    Now stop looking for excuses and sell that kidney :kissing_heart:
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  10. So.........are these off the 1199 or 1299 Super-Lego?
  11. And what yoke diameters do the fit :bucktooth:
  12. They are from an 1199 SL as they have solid calliper brackets and the 1299 has holes either side.
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  13. Any news on the yoke fitment diameters yet? :thinkingface:
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  14. Right leg 76mm left leg 28mm:D
  15. Sorry haven’t had chance to take any measurements but they are a direct replacement for the 899 showa front forks as that was there intended use
  16. isn’t it 53mm for Ohlins and Showa and 57mm for Marzocchi?
  17. :mad:
  18. It does seem odd if they fit straight into an 899 - I will be replacing RSV-R Factory Ohlin's but need to know the diameters to make sure :eyes:
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