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Ducati Trackday At Donnington

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by kirks1989, May 8, 2019.

  1. So the Donnington trackday is just around the corner..... its my first one so really looking forward to it. Just intrigued as to who's going, what are you riding and which group you're all in?

    Also, are many of you travelling over the night before?


  2. Thread moved
  3. I’ll be going down in the morning. Just hoping I get through noise test with the 1299 full akra system without baffles.....
  4. I have had to cancel due too work commitments, predictably. My space is available via Wendy Kelly at the Superbike School although there is already a reserve list so it may have been allocated.
    They have very kindly transferred my booking to the re-scheduled Silverstone day on 31 july.
    What fantastic service!
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  5. In the Snell garage on the 848 in fast group.
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  6. In the inters on my 1198S.
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  7. Heading up in the morning, I'll be on my 999r in the fast group and Snell's garage
  8. Will be in the Ducati Notts garage on my 848 Evo track bike... see you there!
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  9. Bike lands back from Aragon tomorrow. Could be tempted to stick it in the van and just rock up on Tuesday in a hope to get on.
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  10. Quick change of oil and she'll be sorted
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  11. My place may still be available, get in touch with Wendy Kelly!
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  12. How do you get on with your 999R? I find mine feels brittle and fragile and as a consequence I am far quicker on my 999S. It may be psychological of course due to the costs associated with throwing it down the road or it may be that I am clueless in setting it up? 50/50
  13. Have you tried it on track though? That's where it's designed to be.
  14. See profile pic!
  15. It's designed for the track, great mid corner balance and stable at speed. Not so good in the slower stuff as you have to be quite physical with it.

    Engine wise mines not standard so a different animal, but it's a strong engine that works well throughout the rev range.
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  16. Tbf though that was at Castle Combe in the pic.
  17. I think it may be that I am a pussy about damaging it whereas with the S I am a bit less precious.
    My S was set up professionally for the previous owner who is the same build as me but I have no clue how to replicate those settings. I may try the R again at Silverstone as I really would love to get on with it!
  18. Take it to the suspension guy to dial in for you, very good use of £50.
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  19. Yes just scraped in today ! Advanced Moto Rapido garage Red Ducati :laughing:
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  20. To add to Simons comments, they are sensitive to suspension set up, rear spring especially, I ran my 999R for a couple of years as my track bike and not until its value started climbing did it feel 'awkward', I think its all in the head as I had for the ten years prior been ringing the neck out of my 996 and just a couple of weeks ago was throwing my 1199s around with the kind of abandon that I never reached with the 999R, so maybe it was the fact that they are rare, and mines an even rarer 2004 Fila rep, so maybe it is all in the head ....
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