Ducati Trackday At Donnington

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by kirks1989, May 8, 2019.

  1. traction control pod
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  2. yep
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  3. Yeah, Nemesis TC Pod. :) :upyeah:

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  4. good vid
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  5. Quick publish of one sessions footage, clearly work to do on lines :blush:

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  6. Pictures are up on PICMAN
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  8. IMG_8064.JPG



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  9. Not sure. There was a guy that asked to hire one as his bike broke down. Not sure how he got on though. :thinkingface:
  10. Good video I sat the last session out and watched from pit wall you looked super smooth & one of the quickest out there top job fella:upyeah:
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  11. Cheers, still a lot of work to do. Really appreciate the comments :upyeah:
  12. Will you be bringing the 999r to Silverstone? Be good to see how she compares to my GSXR, bit better than that R6 I recon.......
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  13. I will indeed ;)
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  14. I've a feeling it may be a role reversal......
  15. You in fast?
  16. Just rechecked, are referring to the 31st date? If so I can’t make that day, I’m booked for the Ducati day in July and planning to do 12th Aug.

    Sorry I was getting confused : unamused:
  17. Yeah, was in about 31/5. I don't have a Ducati for track work.
  18. I will be bringing at least two bikes, you would be welcome to one of them. PM me if you fancy it?
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