Ducati Uk Announce Average 4.8 % Price Increase From The 1st January 2017

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    • 4.8% average price increase announced across range
    • Pricing of new models unveiled at EICMA remain unchanged

    Following the announcement of prices for the new 2017 models unveiled recently at EICMA, Ducati UK can confirm a price increase on the remainder of the Ducati and Ducati Scrambler ranges.

    From January 1st 2017, prices of current models will rise by an average of 4.8% in response to the significant currency fluctuation over the last 6-12 months. In spite of a recent small recovery the disparity between currencies is still significantly different from the rates which were previously achieved between UK and Euro pricing.

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  1. Glad i bought mine when i did last summer.
  2. Will they also announce a drop in prices if the markets tip the other way?!?! Ducati are shooting themselves in the foot even though they been making good profits.
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  3. Most motorcylcists I know voted out....here marketh the beginning of some hard times ahead.
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  4. It`s not all down to exchange rates. Prices of raw materials, labour , energy , rent, rates etc are all variable although usually in the upwards direction.
    I`m not defending Ducati regardless of whether their costs have increased or not but they are a business not a charity and are entitled to make as much profit as they can. We`ll see in a year or two if they pitched it right, supply and demand etc.
  5. Well our products are 20% more expensive to buy from suppliers now and half of our stuff has had to go up retail price by 10%. Which leads to about a 5% increase overall, similar to theirs. And for us it was all about the exchange rate, nothing else.
  6. Maybe they could cut corners by ditching the stainless fasteners they use.

    The price of all those shitty fasteners can't have increased that much can it?

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  7. I suspect they make up 0.000000000001% of the cost of even the cheapest bike.
  8. Did the price go down when the Swiss pulled their currency out of the euro locking mechanism a few years back and the Euro devalued against the pound over night from around 1.15 to 1.40?
  9. Not aware that Ducati used any stainless fasteners on their bikes. They are all bright zinc plated as stock.
  10. ducati would shit themselves if we all stopped buying their goods, just about sums this shitbox useless country out, fucking rip off dump.
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  11. come on, we all know price increases are normal. My suppliers increase prices each and every year.
    Its inflation (yes I know technically its a bit stalemate at the mo) but who cares, it only adds a few quid to the bikes, and it makes the used bikes a little more valuable.
    win win, or something....
  12. At least u can buy Ducati's! MV have stuck all their prices up loads and u can't even buy one from what I can tell! And if u have one you can't get spares! Loose loose

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  13. MV's are ugly and way over priced