Ducati World Première 2017 In Live Streaming

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  1. The countdown has begun to the Ducati World Première 2017, scheduled to take place in Milan, at the Teatro Nazionale, on Monday 7 November 2016.

    The event, during which Ducati will unveil its new models for next year, will be streamed live at Ducati World Première 2017 – Live streaming

    Monday 7 November, connection from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm (CET time), show from 4.20 pm to 5.30 pm (CET time)
  2. Eh? :Bucktooth:

  3. Pity Signor Domenicale looks so cadaverous, scruffy, and nervous. He may be a brilliant manager and/or engineer, but he is certainly not a natural public speaker. I really hope they get somebody else to do the presentation.
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  4. It must be said that he really isn't comfortable in English for this sort of presentation. The last one was woeful.
  5. ( sorry to seem so er dumb :Shamefullyembarrased: ) is it that if i press on your link at the given time it will stream automatically ?
  6. Well that was fun. I want a Desert Sled. I really want the new Superleggera but the Sled is what I can afford. I like the new used scheme and I'm sure I heard Domencale say that Dovi will be the Moto GP team leader next year. Now that is interesting and isn't Chaz BIG ? Andy
  7. fook me,, forgot all about it,, hey ho.
  8. It's all on YouTube and you can fast forward the boring bits.
  9. I'll recap for those who don't have an hour to spare:

    New Scrambler café racer
    New Scrambler enduro sort of thing
    The Supersport that was shown a couple of weeks ago
    Some new variations on the Multistrada, including especially a new cheaper one with a smaller engine.
    A couple of variations on the Monster with a new cheaper one with a smaller engine.
    A Diesel Diavel that someone failed to get ready in time for the show (but it's probably a poseurs' only bike anyway). That's the jeans brand by the way, not a smoking motor.
    The amazing new Superleggera Panigale that you won't be able to afford (or be capable of using).

    On the non-bike front, a new scheme so that you can get a used Ducati with a couple of years warranty (but not in eBay, one imagines).

    And there you go. They must have done a lot of work but this is mainly evolution of existing models, unless you want the diet, less-fat in every respect Panigale, or the carbon-fibred one, in which case you will already know all about it.

    What there isn't is a relaunch of the Sport Classics and an embracing of the whole café racer and bob scene, or a new beautiful sports tourer (but I doubt we will ever see one).
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  10. Buyers of the Superleggera get to do a trackday where they can ride the world superbike Panigale to compare! Now that's pretty damn special in my book!! The bike looks incredible as well. Fully euro 4 compliant it's 167kg and 215bhp wet with no fuel. With the supplied sports exhaust it is 162kg and 220bhp.
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  11. Just like my 959 :upyeah:
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  12. I note that the made to measure suit is at extra cost and not included as supposed unless the meaning was lost in translation. Andy
  13. And where was the spoiler alert? :Sorry:
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  14. thank you :upyeah:
  15. Can't find anything on the Diavel Diesel anywhere.

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  16. they are all diesel.
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  17. I could watch the 1299 Superleggera track video for hours and never get bored. Skids and wheelies everywhere! Anyone know where the track is? Valencia??
    1299 Superleggera | 1299 Superleggera
  18. I am pretty sure he said ride next to - on their own bike - i.e ride on the same track with.
  19. That's more like it. Big Whoop!! :p
  20. I think they have missed the point with the cafe racer scrambler .... especially when you see the BMW R nine T Racer pics .... a sports classic relaunch would have served them better IMO