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  1. 3/4 Views of V4 with Akra system fitted.

    Superleggera paint colour, mag frame, swing arm and wheels.


    Desmosedici red, mag frame, subframe, swing arm and wheels. Blacked out under tank area


    As above but in blue


    With gold wheels, undertank area colour coded white, black frame


    Desmosedici red, gold wheels, undertank area colour coded white, black frame


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  2. All this effort to make the bike more appealing. Who are you trying to convince or just yourself?!

    But I do like the anniversario render personally, that would sell me but as I have said, I will be waiting for the R
  3. Not my work Mutt. Just lifted these images from the US forum (apart from the 1299SL style scheme, all the work of F3BobaFett) Only posted them up to give people an idea, should they be considering paintwork (for trackday bodywork or maybe a road bike). I quite like to see different interpretations but no one design will be enough to sway my decision. That rests on what I think of it come the weekend.
  4. Im right behind you Sir R all the way
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  5. Will the R have same fairing with snail trails fairing to tank? For racing they might homogenise a different style for easier removal and aerodynamics.
    Just a thought.......
  6. Okay, so there has been a lot of conjecture and assumption talked about the forthcoming Panigale V4R that will homologate the V4 for WSBK but what are people expecting that is going to be different to the V4S ?
    I'll start :
    lighter crank
    titanium con rods and valves
    higher revs, 15000rpm ?
    as electronic suspension, traction and slide control are banded for racing you could see a step back from the V4S electronics spec although I don't expect the race spec Ohlins at the £35k price point
    not sure about gear ratios. If the V4R is expected to be an off the shelf customer race bike, you could find the ratios unsuited to road riding
    I don't expect to see copious amounts of carbon
    I don't expect there to be limited numbers either especially if it is an off the shelf customer race bike like the 959 Tri Option cup bikes
  7. My 2015 R has traction control and I don't want electronic suspension
  8. I can see them matching, if not exceeding the 226bhp of the Speciale (or an Akra equipped S or base model), though with a 100cc or so deficit in the capacity of the R's engine, it will have to have lighter internals I would assume, to be able to raise the rev limit. So same/more power, bespoke engine internals, spins up faster. If previous incarnations of the R are anything to go by, I would expect a rather miserly smattering of carbon. What else will it offer for the £35K asking price? I'm sure it will be a great bike, but in recent years, engine aside, there has not been much else to quantify the price unlike say the 998R, 749R, 999R and 1098R models that at least came with carbon bodywork and a few other extras as part of the deal. I would assume that since it will need to be sold with the stock Euro 4 dustbin attached, so as to offset the cost of the uprated engine and it's development, will the Akras come as part of the RRP or extra? Will mag wheels come as standard? It could conceivably include nothing but a very long shopping list to go with it, which would push the asking price way north of £40K. That's getting into seriously expensive territory and out of reach of all but the most dedicated trackday rider or affluent road user. A collectible missile for sure.
  9. My 2008 1098R has traction control. My point is that if the WSBK rules don't allow it for racing and you are building an homologation special to a budget, why would you include it ? I do suspect the V4R might not have electronic suspension. Just me speculating. Andy
  10. Well DES wasn't an option on the 1199R or later variants so unlikely it will be fitted and I am pretty sure it couldn't be homologated if it came with DES. You'd only have to remove it anyway, if you were intending to compete with the bike professionally. I'd sooner hope for those intending on buying one, that it at least comes with some tangible extras included, despite the obvious performance hike you would expect from the R. Will it also ditch the LED headlights in favour of normal headlights as per the Panigale V2R?
  11. Makes not a lot of difference to me if the V4R is worse then i will buy a secondhand S-Version or will buy a 226bhp Speciale as I'm sure they will be for sale at some stage and i will let someone else take the first hit and save a few grand as I'm sure they will not be going up in price
  12. I think traction control is pretty much a given these days whether homologation requires it or not.

    But I do think what we're getting at is given the budget how are they going to achieve what we are thinking given the previous R's specification vs the S. There are going to have to be some compromises here
  13. Does anyone know when they will be releasing a workshop manual for the V4 in PDF format, or is it a case of waiting for a blagged copy to surface on the internet?
  14. Looks pretty slim from the rear.

  15. As far as I'm aware, workshop staff have yet to receive training on the V4 and this late in the year I do not expect that training to be corporately available until the new year. First bikes in dealerships when, March/April ? That'll be your timeframe. Andy
  16. Will the V4 Speciale be fitted with the race exhaust for customers to collect or is it in a boxed up kit and the standard exhaust fitted?
  17. You lot have day jobs? :joy:
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  18. V4SP delivered with EU4 compliant exhaust with Akrapovic race system in a box as the Superleggeras before it. Andy
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  19. My dealer offered to fit the full system to my S on delivery FOC but since I intend to rip it to bits on delivery I told them not to bother and I will do it myself.
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  20. nice to see it upright :laughing: