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  1. Paul,

    It's probably OK, it's a Yamaha thing.

    DVLA does not recognise dashes "-" on VIN numbers, so substitutes them with a "0". There is some stuff about this on the RD forum.

    I learnt this when I HPI'd my matching number "4L0" RD350LC before I bought it and got an error when putting the same VIN & engine number in for a matching numbers bike. They remove the "-" from the engine number, but substitute the "-" for the "0" on the frame number. :confused:

    Clear as mud? Anyway, see what I mean below.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 09.34.10.png
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  2. After all that have you taxed and ridden the bloody bike:thinkingface:
  3. Ridden, yes. Taxed, no. :innocent:
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  4. With so many bikes it's a shame we can't transfer just the ONE road fund licence to the other bikes as we use them:(
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  5. Thats the same as what they have done to mine strange how they can get the my engine number correct but good to know its a common thing.
    Thanks Rob :upyeah:
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  6. I think the VIN has to be a certain length, so they have to substitute the character to keep it so. An engine number can be anything, basically. I've seen new Lambretta blank engine casings stamped with a bloke's name and displayed on the V5. :laughing: Try that with a frame number. :eek:
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  7. I will search eBay for a pair of blank Ducati crank case's and say my name is Dovi should be worth a few £££ :p
  8. I bought a pair of Lorenzo cases last week. Just my luck. :mad:
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  9. ....suspect DVLA computer can only accept numerical and/or alpha characters.....
  10. Don't take them out in the wet, he hates the wet, goes all Mary
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  11. Yes, worthless them as he will lose his ride next year.
  12. Seems that way but i will still phone them as i like spending 15 mins listening to the options i can press on my phone :poop:
  13. Been on the phone to the DVLA and they will re send another v5 as they can see its there mistake :)
  14. Finally taxed the Hperdoodah today. :innocent:
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  15. Rob,,,welldone you now get out and use it my friend as in ten minutes time i will be on my 96R:)enjoy your ride:upyeah:
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  16. Bloody hell, it's been a long time since I dealt with the DVLA but they now make the Motor tax office here in Ireland look like a model of efficiency and professionalism.
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  17. Well, it took 2 1/2 months to receive the V5 for the Hyperstrada, so I wasn't expecting a great deal from DVLA on my Panigale V5.

    It arrived today, 3 working days after the dealer registered it electronically to me last Friday. :eek:
  18. Mine is still on going Rob,

    They said they would send a new V5 with matching numbers but after two weeks nothing so on the phone again, no she said you have to email photos to the address thats in the letter which is on the way to you know, after two weeks no letter so back on the phone again No HE said you have to send hard copy photos of the engine/frame number, they should have arrived there today with recorded delivery :upyeah:
  19. The less I have to do with them, the better. o_O
  20. A bit like some neighbours that get on your tits:p