Ear Plugs And New Tyres Don't Mix

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by MiguelL, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. First time out of garage this year. Brand new tyres and earplugs very well inserted. 50 yards up the road and this happens:confounded:.
    Happened at a T junction in 1st gear totally oblivious to the sound of the revs spinning up as I pulled out. Very wary now about being so isolated from the environment especially with new tyres.
    Any recommendations regarding paint and filler etc? Had a spare brake lever and managed to straighten the brake pedal so not too bad, just a pain in the proverbial.


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  2. If is a quick fix, Ford Radiant red is a very close match to OE. I would use Isopon filler. Coulve been a lot worse.
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  3. Ouch!,The quick fix is a smart looking Agip sticker:thinkingface:
    Ducati with AGIP sticker.jpg
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  4. That's a garage job mate if you want it right.

    Maybe try to find good used on eBay buy all the "good used" I've bought tends to still need work so false economy long term.
  5. Ive found this too, used fairing means broke most of the time
  6. Can I have that bike please?
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  7. You may find a Smart repair a good option as it won't go near the decals.
  8. Thanks for replies. Nearly too embarrased to post but what the hell. Thought it might raise a few smiles.
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