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Discussion in 'Bikes For Sale' started by Rob, Jun 13, 2014.

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  1. Do a quick google search and see what comes up, worth a punt at that price, would look great if rebuilt correctly.
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  2. Plenty of images on google,
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  3. I'd go for it. :upyeah:
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  4. Way beyond my expertise at the moment.
  5. I think I am going to let this go it's not the right time for me to buy another project. If I had space I'd buy and store till I'm ready to restore it.
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  6. I was told the same by Luigi Moto with my 999 a few months back.
  7. just gone up for sale today on the RDLC Crazy Forum - looks nice

    Ok this is not one for the purists out there but as LC's goes this is a stunning example.

    I owned this bike 3 years ago. I then sold it to my mate who hardly used it and unfortunately due to ill health he offered it back to me.

    I bought it and decided to go right through it and with the help of many members on here and Norbo and Joan Lea and oodles of Mula££ she is now 100%.

    As she wasn't matching numbers I wanted her to look like she would have done back in the day.

    She is a genuine UK 4L0 bike but not matching numbers.

    The only non standard items are;

    1. Allspeed exhausts

    2. Stainless nuts and bolts.

    3. Clear oil lines.

    4. Stainless Jubilee clips on the coolant hoses.

    The rest of the bikes parts were either sourced through Norbo or Yambits or Fowlers.

    Not one single bolt has been left untouched. Where I could I have been sensitive to replace any flanged headed bolts with stainless equivalents.

    So this is what she has had done.

    I put her on the ramp and started to go through her and thought sod it lets do a full restore.
    2 months of solid graft and after a total rebuild she's finished and looking stunning!!

    Attention to detail is everything so even the stainless bolts I turned the writing off the heads of the bolts to make them look original. Any stainless dome nuts were changed to Nyloc domed nuts.
    She now looks and rides like a new bike. Even when you free wheel her she glides.
    I have 2 LC's currently being restored so this one is up for sale.
    Shame to let her go but room is needed.
    She has had.

    The paintwork was very good. A couple of touched in stone chips on the tank and a couple of tiny cracks in the rear cowl that are not really noticeable unless you really look for them.

    The mudguard was an aftermarket one as well as the belly pan. I removed the bellypan. Bought an original mudguard and had this painted in the same deep blue. These will be included with the bike.
    Total engine rebuild around 18months to 2years ago (less than 300miles ago) and pistons are at .75.

    All new fluids. 10/40 semi synthetic oil and coolant. Castrol power 1 2stroke oil.
    New Avon Roadrider tyres and RDLC club inner tubes(thicker and stronger).
    New Koyo 2RS(rubber seal) C3(case hardened) wheel bearings.
    Calipers fully stripped and shot blasted. Powder coated and rebuilt with Yamaha new pistons, seals and sintered pads.
    New original style pattern brake hoses and stainless banjo bolts and bleed nipples.
    Original genuine large can Allspeeds.

    NGK iridium spark plugs
    New O'ring chain and sprockets.
    Refurbished genuine shock.
    Switch gear shot blasted, powder coated and fully rebuilt with new decals - look brand new.
    Every single bolt, clip, Nut, Washer etc either replated or changed to stainless.
    New clock covers, bulbs and new headlight and new horns and new grips.
    Every single bracket and frame shot blasted and powder coated.
    Carbs totally stripped and ultrasonically cleaned and complete new intervals fitted along with all new hoses and clips.
    Every single cable new, clutch, throttle, speedo, rev counter etc.
    New Yuasa battery.
    New rear light.

    New coolant hoses and clips.
    Uncut mudguards with genuine reflector.

    Matching key fob lol
    And lots lots more!!!
    Genuine UK bike and 4L0 but not matching. For the purists this will hurt them seeing stainless bolts but look at it this way. It is brand new. Will not rust! Nothing needs doing to her. She is 100% complete and ready to ride.
    If you wanted to change the bolts to genuine Olive green then go ahead. I chose not to as when i was 18 i wanted one of these and the first thing i did was cut the mudguard down and fit Allspeeds and a small number plate.
    This is exactly how i wanted one in 1986.
    People may think it is a lot of money but i can tell you with what i paid for this bike less than a year ago and i have spent lots on her I am actually loosing out financially. That's the issue. If you buy cheap anyone who knows LC's will tell you get your wallet open as it will need sorting.
    This doesn't. Its fully completely 100% sorted. Wants for nothing. The picture do not do it justice. Friends came round to see it today and were blown away.
    If your after a sorted 350LC to relive your youth. To just pull out of the garage and just ride then this is one you should look at.

    Looking for £5000. Collection from Bristol.








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  8. Beautiful Ironron much like yourself I'm leadto believe..

    So those must be the standard pipes yes? In my day everyone had drop bars and expansion chambers, can't remember but I believe there was a couple of leading brands then for EC bers.. Macron was it?

    So how many penny's is it for your work of art ?

    Good work though she's a babe my son... x
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