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  1. You have to be quick out of the blocks if you want these things:upyeah:
  2. No longer for sale or sold ? If no longer for sale probably had pointed out to him that his description whilst accurate didn’t tell the whole story. Andy
  3. No longer selling, now that’s intriguing, do tell.
  4. I thought it was a fair price for alot of bike:upyeah:
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  5. Mmmm, so how much would my 1500 mile Fila be which is somewhat rarer :thinkingface:
  6. 20k maybe,,,it's a buyers market now
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  7. Mmmmm - strange :bucktooth:
  8. I posted earlier that whilst registered in 2003 it was most likely in the dealers in late 2001. If the information given to me is correct, there were no 748Rs in yellow built for the UK market in 2002. Andy
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  9. That’s interesting, there’s another yellow 748R registered on a 53 plate on eBay too. Did dealers struggle to sell these at the time, unless this one is an import.
  10. Production of the 748R ended in 2002. The final bikes came with the slab sided fairing and colour coded mirrors, the Ohlins steering damper was an option that some UK dealers fitted to sweeten the deal. In 2002 the 748R was not popular and didn’t sell well. I do know some bikes stayed in dealers into 2003 but they were all the 2002MY. The numbered top yokes were not consecutive, mine is number 848, a yellow/white 2002MY with the engine upgrade, reinforced mono subframe and full Ohlins and was registered in 2001. Andy
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  11. or sitting around in a showroom waiting for someone to buy it:thinkingface:either way very nice:upyeah:
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