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Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Rob, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. The 'Jesus Bolt' is term used on a chopper I think.
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  2. it's certainly different but seems to have some nice bits on it :cool:
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  3. Scammers are back on eBay big time, must be over 70 fake offerings in the Ducati section alone. They are so bloody obvious, a 9 year old could write a script to identify and isolate them but eBay continues to do F all. Andy
  4. Really suprised ebays hasn't got software to detect these basic frauds
  5. Really? I'm struggling to see how it adds up.
  6. I hadn’t really considered the numbers but it seems to me a cheap way to build a classic Ducati race bike. Building ski chalets for multi-millionaires can however give me a skewed sense of value.
    I thought I might buy it and build some kind of hybrid with the 748 I have recently bought (but still not collected) and then lash together all the left over bits with everything else I have kicking around!
  7. I think if you have other bits it could work well. Isn't there a 748 on eBay for £2k with a bust engine?

    Even then you'll not have something particularly quick, but it could be nice.

    If it has a nice exhaust system would help. 3 spoke wheels are a let down.
  8. Yep any bike you want or car for £4800
  9. I report everyone as fraudulent.....but have to say can't believe ebay let it go on......not the place it once was...surely no feccer would transfer monies before seeing it etc ffs.....
  10. I have the front (Ohlins) and back end (Ohlins) of a 748R, titanium termi 50’s, BST front wheel and Marvic mag rear plus various performance parts, ecu’s etc to throw at it. Then leftover would be; 748 frame and engine plus I also have a complete 998R replica but with a standard engine. Basically enough (with this one) to build three compete race bikes minus one set of bodywork. The only thing I’m lacking is time, oh and space, oh and a compliant girlfriend (who I still haven’t told about my trackdays). Seems like I have all my bases covered!
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